Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Window On The World

Never in our fondest dreams did The African Queen and I realize how much we would come to miss you. For three years--you were Our Window On The World to Our Washington Nationals. And to think--we were NEVER originally placed with you. No--as far as Major League Baseball was concerned--Sohna and I were a couple of nobodies in late 2004. No political connections. Just a couple of fans who wanted Season Tickets for Baseball's Return to Washington. No one cared that our names were near the top of "DC Baseball's" Waiting List.

Yes, We were not Players, according to MLB. And, in Political Washington--that was The Death Card.

Originally--Major League Baseball granted us the "Glory" to witness baseball from Our Washington Nationals in Section 202, Row 12, Seats 14 & 15. Not Good Enough. After patiently waiting over 33 years for My Home Town to be again granted a team--we were not going to watch ANY GAME from the right field foul line. No, Sohna and I were not interested in that placement.

Fortunately--we worked things out. No doubt, Sohna and I are persistent. And the then Expos Baseball PLC--relocated us to Section 320--behind the Home Team Dugout, 25 Rows from the field. Alluring Seats you were, to say the least.

And, from Our Washington Nationals very first game--March 30, 2005--that Exhibition Game against The New York Mets, we came to understand the promise of your location. Not only were Your Seats located close to field, in front of the action--but Under The Overhang. Yes, during the next three seasons of Nationals Baseball at RFK--NOT ONCE--did weather effect Our Enjoyment. Through Rain, Scorching Heat--and even SNOW (Twice Memorably)--Sohna and I were out of the elements--thanks to you. It was always funny how the $30 Seats, where we sat, were always more desirable than Field Box Seats and even Diamond Club on Extreme Weather Days.

Yes, Our Section 320 Terrace Box Seats were Special--thanks to you.

Exceptional, because this is were we came to love, not only Our Team, but all Our Friends. During that very first game, we made our very first friendships--Mr. & Mrs. MickNats. From there it just mushroomed. How SO MANY from far different backgrounds merged together to form one Cohesive Group in Section 320 is incredible. Out of nowhere--we built something SPECIAL!! The Noise Boys--BangTheDrumNatly, SeyHeyKlib, RallyTimeRichard, KentuckyRob & CanadaJim; Andy, his daughter Erin & his Father Jim; SenatorNat; The FlyBoys & Ladies from Andrews--Lisa & Jeff, Kathy & Dave, Libby & Steve, Scott & John, Aaron & Karen (among many); Troy & Julie; Abby and her parents--Becky & Mike--always in tow; Barbara and her brother Richard. Yes, we all became family. Close Family. Coming to watch each and every Home Game of Our Washington Nationals was fun--spending time cheering on Our Team with Our Friends--PRICELESS. All, because of you.

As our camaraderie grew among Section 320 Faithful--so did the cheering and enjoyment. Eventually, My Best Friend SCREECH!!! was welcomed in to Our Fold. As became CUSTOM--Screech stopped by at EVERY FIRST PITCH--OF EVERY GAME--to feel The Love. Tradition was formed. Later Clint, The NatPack and The Racing Presidents, also, made Section 320 a regular stop. Section 320 the place to be before EACH AND EVERY 7th Inning Stretch when "TEDDY" posted up in the tunnel to our left. Nothing like the site of that lovable loser "Teddy" standing on railing in Section 320 encouraging the "Let Teddy Win!!" Chant. Nothing Like It. All a huge part of the fun you helped to provide.

Its true, out of nowhere--a bunch of fans just having fun were noticed. And, appreciated. Never were any of our cheers and song out of line. Never was attending ANY GAME AT RFK STADIUM not an enjoyable experience. It also, didn't hurt that each and every Family Member for Our Washington Nationals Players sat directly to our right. And, that The Management Offices for Our Washington Nationals were accessed from the tunnel, just to the left of Section Section 320. Unbeknownst to us--and through alot of luck, as all of us became family in Section 320--and you became Family as well.

Yes--for 245 Games (Including Exhibitions) for Our Washington Nationals over Three Seasons at RFK Stadium--you became The African Queen's and I's Most Treasured Family Member. None of this would have occurred without you. Section 320, Row 4--Seats 14 & 15--you were, Unquestionably, Our Window on The World Of Our Washington Nationals. Sohna, always, in Seat 14. SBF, always, in Seat 15. Never did we switch seats.

And, Never Will We Forget You!! Thank You so very much for providing TONS OF ENJOYMENT TO US!! Section 320, Row 4, Seats 14 & 15--how badly we shall miss you. Now, if only The DC Sports & Entertainment Commission will grant us your possession--once DC United finishes their run at RFK Stadium. Sohna and I want you as a Permanent Member of Our Family.

A Family Member To Be Cherished Forever In Our Home--Our Other Window On The World.


Jim H said...

Nostalgia sometimes comes right before major change. Obviously, we're moving out of 320(at least that's the hope!). But did I hear you say you're keeping the name for this space? That's not going to change, right?

Looking forward to the first seating at the new park!


Screech's Best Friend said...

jim h: The name will stay the same--Nats320. Ironicially--there will be a Section 320 in the new park--on the upper infield terrace. We are just not expecting to be placed there. Nor, have we asked.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you SBF, I hope once everyone leaves RFK I hope DC Sports Commission SELLS seats from RFK. I so badly want one seat from MY FAVORITE BASEBALL STADIUM in my house one day because that chair has 15 (games) memories from 3 seasons of joy!

Jim H said...

I have cuff links with wood from the RFK seats.

Does that count? ;)

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Screech's Best Friend:"Ironicially--there will be a Section 320 in the new park--on the upper infield terrace. We are just not expecting to be placed there. Nor, have we asked."

If you were to be placed there, that would be a demotion, wouldn't it? Far more important than getting the same number would be the best available seats...

paul said...

Jim H's cuff links remind me of Red Sox 1B George Scott's white necklace. When asked what the material of the necklace was, Scott would smile and say, "second basemen's teeth."

Anonymous said...

Only SBF could write an ode to two creaky,wooden seats and do it with feeling!

By the way check out the latest webcam for the new stadium. I know that will inspire you too.