Monday, October 15, 2007

Statues Update

All Photos From Pittsburgh's PNC Park-Shown For Representation Only

"We should have something for you, very, very soon." Tony Gittens, The Executive Director of The DC Commission on The Arts & Humanities said to me. "The process is farther along than many realize." Yes, to many fans of Our Washington Nationals, those proposed Three Statues of Washington Baseball Greats are nearing their actual development stages. That's got to bring a smile to many Washingtonians' faces.

Over the past few months, The Commission has reviewed many artist renditions, and pitches, to grant the rights to build either The Walter Johnson Statue, The Josh Gibson Statue or The Frank Howard Statue--all to be placed near The Main Plaza Entry to New Nationals Park. Mr. Gittens saying: "In about Two Weeks, we will have the final artists picked. We are ready to move forward."

"Once those artists are chosen, they will work with, not only The Commission, but The Nationals and, The Families of each former player--to best determine the final product. This is the way its always done," said Gittens. Meaning--The Artist may not have final say over 'The Look'. So, you pick the best artist possible for the project, then that person must work alongside others and their beliefs, right? (SBF) "We hope to please as many as possible," responded The Executive Director. "That's our best hope. Its why so many are involved in reaching that final design."

Tony Gittens told me that he DOES NOT expect any of the three Statues to be ready, and in place, by Opening Day, 2008. But, he fully expects to have all of them on site--sometime during the 2008 Season of Our Washington Nationals.

Although some rough artist proofs are being worked through right now, Mr. Gittens was hesitant to reveal them today. "Things are going to change, so I wouldn't want to lead people wrongly." In two weeks time, when those Final Artists are chosen--The Executive Director has promised to let me view those original renditions. But remember--the final product will be subject to change.

Expeditiously, this project appears to be moving forward.

That's a Good Sign.

Top Photo--Josh Gibson Statue (Life Size) Negro League Legacy Square--PNC Park
2nd Photo--Willie Stargell Statue (Larger Than Life) Outside PNC Park
3rd Photo--Roberto Clemente Statue (Larger Than Life) PNC Park at Clemente Bridge
4th Photo--Honus Wagner (Life Size, on Pedestal) Outside Main Entrance PNC Park


Jarrett said...

I really hope Josh Gibson is the final choice. That would e a classy move for DC baseball.

Screech's Best Friend said...

jarrett carter: Josh Gibson IS A FINAL CHOICE. All three statues will be made. Its a competition-only for the artists that will sculpt the final pieces. That's a good thing.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

One more thing....obviously the statues you took at PNC park were taken at different places. In other words, no Pittsburghers are griping (I hope) that Roberto Clemente's statue is slighting Willie Stargell's. When these three statues are finally carved, molded, and cast in bronze, I hope that EACH statue will have a prominent place and not seem more important than the other.

It also might be a good idea to use the area around each statue to give some information about each of the franchises the players played for. In other words, you would learn more about the original AL Nationals around Walter Johnson's statue, the Homestead Grays around Josh Gibson's statue, and the expansion Senators around Hondo's statue...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

Any thoughts on where the statues should be at the new park?

One entrance area or spread out?

Anonymous said...

Oops, just re-read, they're at the main entrance.

Crowded but more folks will see.