Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Winston Abreu

Since the very moment the words were spoken to me, I have always remembered them. The confidence of Jose Rijo in his voice said it all: "The Man can pitch, I am telling you," Rijo stated. "Not many people are aware of his talents. Winston Abreu is going to surprise some people. I just love his stuff."

So today when Chad Cordero was placed on the Bereavement List by Our Washington Nationals, I was not surprised by that move. "The Chief" needs to get away, tend to his own. It's only right.

But, at the same time, I was not stunned to hear the name Winston Abreu recalled from AAA Columbus. During Spring Training Special Assistant to The General Manger, Jose Rijo, personally told me that Winston would be the surprise of Spring Camp-2007. Consistently, during the 15 minutes we chatted that late February day, Jose kept bringing up one name-Winston Abreu. The one time Braves, Padres, Cubs, Yankees and Baltimore Orioles prospect had bounced around for 12 Professional Seasons, finally making it to The Majors last season for The Orioles. Abreu's short stint with Baltimore was unflattering.

Rijo went on to tell me that Winston may well get caught up in the numbers game, that always occurs each and every Spring Training. But, he flat out stated, he loved Abreu, his talent, his work ethic and quality of person he personally saw in Our Now New Reliever. This past Spring, Winston pitched in just three games, giving up one unearned run, before being assigned to Columbus. For The Clippers, Winston pitched 18 total innings over 10 games, allowing just one run, earning one save and toting an ERA of 0.50.

Those statements by Jose Rijo (pictured above with Saul Rivera) always stayed in the back of my mind, wondering how this might play out. Jose Rijo was just so POSITIVE, SURE. Today, Rijo's prediction has come true. Winston Abreu is a member of Our Washington Nationals.

Personally, I am very intrigued by 30 Year Old Abreu--all due to a few statements by Our General Manager Jim Bowden's most trusted confidant. Sometimes a player needs a lucky break to turn his career around. Winston Abreu's time is now upon us.


Anonymous said...

Just one quick comment. If Cordero is on bereavement leave, then he's leaving for the obvious reason---his grandmother is dying of brain cancer. It may be fortuitous for the Nationals to get a new guy in there, but let's make it clear that Chad would still be gone if he were pitching like it was 2005 rather than 2007.

My condolances and prayers go out to him and his family.

E.S.K. said...

hey guys, I post over at the Wisconsin Sports Bar. I live in Boston and plan on heading to DC for the July series against the Crew. I was wondering if there is anywhere in the DC area (as in, within 20-30 minutes) to camp?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Tony Batista is up as of today and is taking some turns at first base since his natural postion is on the left side of the infield. We need his bat in the lineup yesterday!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to be optimistic, but the Nats brass hasn't shown any reason to think that they can convert a pitcher like Abreu -- who's failed with a whole bunch of other teams -- into a useful pitcher. Rijo's enthusiasm is nice and everything, but not worth much.

ESK, I am not aware of any camping spots within 20-30 minutes. I'm aware of some in Prince William Co., but that's close to an hour drive.

Anonymous said...

E.S.K. - you might try the KOA campground in Millersville, MD. It's about halfway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., so depending on traffic could be 20-30 minutes from RFK. Ms Zimmy and I don't live that far from this place and that's about how long it takes us to get to RFK.