Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chance Encounter

Early this afternoon, I was heading out of NBC News on Capitol Hill for an interview--carrying all my TV Gear, when two other folks got into the elevator with me. This one fellow looks right at me, says hello. Noticing that I am wearing a Washington Nationals Navy Polo Shirt and Navy Curly "W" Cap (Yeah, I know that shocks you), he says to me: "The Nationals have been on a roll lately--playing some good ball!!"

"You bet," I responded. "They had a good home stand and now have won 2 of three in Cincinnati."

This man says to me: "I really like The Washington Nationals. They are good young organization. And, I miss working with them."

Knowing he sees my puzzled look--as I don't recognize him, this man sticks out his right hand, shaking mine stating: "I'm Donald Beaver. I am The Owner of The New Orleans Zephyrs."

"Really," I stated. "I've been to your park on Airline Drive in Metarie a few times. And, I have always enjoyed your team logo. Its Great."

Mr. Beaver was pleased. And, we talked for a brief time. He mentioned one thing that I wanted to share: "Whether it was Major League Baseball or The New Ownership Group, I LOVED working with The Washington Nationals. They were professional in every way. I miss them. They helped to make MY FRANCHISE, A BETTER FRANCHISE. Something I will always remember. I only wish they would come back." It was a nice comment, stated without me asking. Nor, Mr. Beaver knowing anything about me.

But, as he and I discussed, its not likely for The Lerners to return. Our Washington Nationals want their Top Farm Club on an East Coast, not a West Coast Schedule. The Zephyrs play in The Pacific Coast League. The Columbus Clippers in the International League.

Mr. Beaver was here to testify on Capitol Hill concerning Katrina Aftermath. You may recall, Zephyr Field was the staging ground for The National Guard in the few months after the disaster.

It was fun meeting him. When I head back down to New Orleans, Donald Beaver asked me to look him up. Which, I certainly will.

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