Monday, May 07, 2007

The Question is When?

When your team is in a tailspin, every little mistake is magnified--ask Our Washington Nationals.
When your team is on a roll, nothing stands in your way--ask The Milwaukee Brewers.
When your team can't score runs, put together back to back hits--you are not going to win often--ask Our Washington Nationals.

And, when your team capitalizes on a Rookie's Mistake, you hit a three run homer--ask Geoff Jenkins & The Milwaukee Brewers.
Someday, when Matt Chico gets more seasoning, he's going to be a decent Major League Pitcher for Our Washington Nationals. Just not right now. But, Matt does have some good qualities.
When that seasoned Chico will emerge?--to be determined at a later date.

When the opposing team throws a seasoned lefthander (Chris Capuano) with not only a decent fastball, but off speed stuff combined with pinpoint control--its hard to win against such a blend.
When Our Washington Nationals do not get an extra base hit off that lefthander until the 9th inning, not many rallies are going take place.
And, when Our Washington Nationals' Dimitri Young flails are two pitches in the dirt to strikeout in that 9th inning, those two runners have no chance to score.
When tonight's game was all said and done in a swift 2 hours and 5 minutes, The Milwaukee Brewers had beaten Our Washington Nationals 3-0. Except for that mini-rally in the top of the 9th, Washington never threatened.

When will Our Washington Nationals be a threat? I do not know.

Because, when I wake up tomorrow morning, Our Washington Nationals Record will be a Major League worse 9-23.
And, when I wake up tomorrow morning, The Milwaukee Brewers Record will be a Major League best 22-10.

After six straight losses, when will Our Washington Nationals win again?

The only answer can be: Whenever, hopefully sometime soon.

Game Notes & Highlights:

Cristian Guzman and Nook Logan both returned to the team for tonight's affair. Logan was a non factor, but "The Guz" did knock a single and turned a SWIFT DOUBLE PLAY in the bottom of the sixth. With Milwaukee Catcher Johnnie Estrada on first, Kevin Mench smoked a grounder up the middle to the shortstop side of 2nd base. Guzman reached the smash on the short hop, tossed to Felipe Lopez at second, FLop FIRING the ball to first on the pivot. Mench out easily. A beautiful turn of two, and The Defensive Play of the Game. FLop far more comfortable looking at second base. Cristian, despite his later error, a far better shortstop than Lopez.

In the bottom of 1st, Milwaukee Leadoff Hitter Rickie Weeks blooped a ball into right center. Both Austin Kearns and Nook Logan converged on the ball. With the ball in no where's land, it appeared the two fielders would collide. All season long, Kearns has deferred to others on similar plays. But tonight, he took charge and slid, head first to catch the ball right near the ground. Excellent catch and his first involving a possible collision since running into Nick Johnson last September at Shea Stadium. Huge Points for Kearns tonight for making that play. Maybe, finally, he's past that grim moment.

Brian Schneider nailed The Brewers' Bill Hall attempting to steal on a pinpoint toss to Guzman in the second inning. A Beautiful Throw.

Matt Chico gave up 8 hits and just one walk. If not for giving up back to back to back singles (Schneider threw out Hall during this sequence), followed by Jenkins Home Run, you would have to say he pitched well. Just not well enough to win though.

The African Queen and I are sorry to hear that Chad Cordero's Grandmother is gravely ill. We only wish their family the best. Never, can such a time be less than trying.

Tonight's InGame Photos--(AP) Morry Gash


Anonymous said...

Re: Chief and the situation with his grandmother. After reading Ladson's article, I have this question. What was Chad doing with the team talking to reporters, rather than being in California with his family? My thoughts and prayers go out to the whole Cordero clan.

Anonymous said...

As a long suffering Brewers fan I feel your pain.

There were too many season where we could have taken your post replaced the name Nats with Brewers and replaced Brewers with Cardinals and posted this at any Brewers blog.

I would like to tell you it gets better fast but it took us almost 20 years to have this team that has given us hope of post season play.

A very nice post

SenatorNat said...

Nats need to revamp current line-up according to common sense:

1. Logan CF
2. Lopez 2B
3. Zimmerman 3B
4. Church LF
5. Kearns RF
6. Young 1B
7. Schneider C
8. Guzman SS

This line-up, has speed, and the 3-5 part can hit doubles,etc. Pitching is good.

Trust in Kasten. All Good.

SenatorNat said...

Great post on the new stopper Winston A. - best of luck to him, certainly.

Back to line-up:

Belliard can play first, and since it is obvious that D.Young is exhausted playing "both ways" (offense and defense), it may be a way to keep a fresh decent bat at 6th in line-up, by rotating Young-Belliard.

Trust in Acta. All Good.