Monday, May 21, 2007

What Is It With Cincinnati?

Working late tonight to make up for lost time during the just completed 10 Game Home Stand, I did not have much time this evening to watch Our Washington Nationals play The Cincinnati Reds in Ohio. From time to time, I was following the game on the radio, knew we had a HUGE 6-0 lead. But, what has been the case during each game the past two seasons of play at The Great American Ballpark, Our Nationals find a way to collapse late there.

Time and Time again, Washington has struggled playing the Reds in Cincinnati. Tonight was no different. When I got home and turned on the TV, Jon Rauch was on the mound--Scott Hatteberg at the plate. The 8th inning was underway. Hatteberg, at one time, one of Oakland General Manager Billy Beane's ultimate "MONEYBALL" Players. Having respect for his system, I knew Hatteberg was a pest. Earlier in this game, Scott had homered with a runner on against Levale Speigner to get Cincinnati on the board, then down 6-2 in the bottom of the second inning.

Yet, when I was watching in the 8th inning, Alex Gonzalez was on first after he beat out a tough double play grounder from Ryan Zimmerman to FLop to Robert Fick. Our Washington Nationals were ahead 7-5. Rauch not looking sharp. But, when "THE WOOKIE" got Hatteberg to line a gapper with AIR TIME to right center, everything looked fine once again. At least, until Nook Logan--looking right at the play and the ball staring him STRAIGHT in the face--HESITATED--Austin Kearns running with his back to the play, heard Logan call him off (Replays clearly showed Nook yelling for the ball). Then, with Austin veering off, Logan gave up on the ball--WHICH DROPPED BETWEEN THEM, THE HEAD OF KEARNS SAGGING (totally dismayed), SAID IT ALL. Our Number 25 STUNNED Logan DID NOT FOLLOW THROUGH. A Terrible Decision by Nook Logan. Unlike yesterday, Our Washington Nationals had flinched tonight. Was it EVER COSTLY. The Ball rolling to the warning track. Gonzalez scoring the Reds 6th run of the evening.

And, when Pinch Hitter Javier Valentin CRANKED OUT a NO DOUBT SHOT DOWN THE RIGHT FIELD LINE OFF BIG JON, five pitches later--that was it. Just like that--a terrible loss. 9 Straight defeats on the road. This tough decision--a momentum killer, coming off yesterday's electrifying win.

Yeah, Ryan Zimmerman went 3 for 4 with a Homer. Brian Schneider and Dimtri Young had two hits apiece. But, in the end--a demoralizing loss. What is it with Our Washington Nationals playing in Cincinnati? Was this revenge for the expected Wayne Krivsky/Jim Bowden Cage Match for last seasons Big Trade between these two teams. So many would love to see that Wresting Match. ESPN would probably show it PRIME TIME, PAY PER VIEW. The Swap last July that Krivsky just filed an appeal on with Major League Baseball, claiming Gary Majewski was damaged goods, and Washington Did Not come forward with the truth.

Whatever the reason--I fear each and every time Our Washington Nationals play in Cincinnati. In fact, The Reds HAVE NEVER LOST AT RFK STADIUM! Boy, did we ever blow it tonight. Good thing I didn't see it all. I would have been up all night fretting about it.

And to think--I had a really entertaining post ready to go--if we won. That POST will have to wait for a FAR BETTER DAY.

Tonight's InGame Photo--(AP) Tom Uhlman


SenatorNat said...

There is clearly something about the Reds for the Nats, indeed. I was thinking in the first when we left the bases loaded (again!), that we shall probably need more than 4 from that inning; but when Kearns went yard in the 2nd, I was at peace. Lavale is bound to have a rocky time of it, particularly as a starter, occasionally, But Winston A was A-OK!! Anyway, Nook Logan takes the most circuitous routes to many balls since Alf's wild and crazy ride in left in April and early May, 2006 at RFK! Is Logan the second coming of Willie Mays Hayes from Major League I and II, or what?

Anyway, the "L&F" boys, Langerhans and Fick continue to amaze me: how can one MLB team have the two worst hitters in baseball in the same line-up?

And, kudos continue for Batting Instructor Lennie Harris - The Miracle Worker...

Finally, 41 million 2007 All Star ballots cannot be wrong: Junior is what the Game is supposed to be all about. God Bless Him, and that fabulous blast, which proved to be the difference.

Trust in Kasten. All Good.

jim king said...

I think the reason we always have trouble with Cincinnati is that whatever the incarnation, that team can score runs. And playing in that home run factory they call a ball park, no lead is ever safe. Just look at all the runs the Nats were able to score without Church in the lineup.

Since the Nats have been offensively challenged during their Washington history, the Reds are usually going to be only one walk or one single away from bringing the tie run to the plate if the Nats ever have a lead.