Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ryan Langerhans

As much as I enjoyed Chris Snelling, he is quite the character, tonight's trade of "Yoda" to Oakland is a really nice deal. Our General Manager Jim Bowden has traded away an extra outfielder, a player The Team felt had limited use on Our Washington Nationals, for an ABOVE AVERAGE Outfielder in Ryan Langerhans. Langerhans had been traded just this week from The Atlanta Braves to The Athletics. Three teams in three days. Always a difficult feeling for any player to go through.

During the past few seasons, Langerhans has patrolled Left Field at RFK Stadium with excellent results while playing for The Braves. Ryan has been very impressive, covers alot of ground. In two full seasons, just three errors on defense. At the plate, this lefthanded swinger has been average, at best. Langerhans does possess some power though. But, consistently, has never hit well at The Major League Level. Nevertheless, Ryan Langerhans gives Our Washington Nationals a more complete defensive setup.

Our Manager Manny Acta now can now rotate Austin Kearns, Ryan Church, Nook Logan, Kory Casto and Ryan Langerhans in and out of the lineup. Langerhans can play all three outfield positions. Still, Our Washington Nationals are predominately a left handed hitting team. Not sure how Michael Restovich will play out in this scenario. But, make no mistake about this trade, Ryan Langerhans is an UPGRADE, and has value. In the expanse of RFK Stadium, Langerhans will provide some seriously solid defense. A VERY GOOD MOVE by Our Washington Nationals.

Also, tonight's trade gives Washington a 4th baseball player named Ryan currently with the squad. Zimmerman, Church and Wagner round out the foursome.

Finally, He was only here for a few months, but Chris Snelling will leave behind some remembrances. Quirky, lovable attitude, hard worker, and the ability to give his all each and every time out on the field. His 10 years old, well used glove first attracted me to him this past February at Spring Training. Personally, I will miss him. Although, I will wonder how good he can become. Chris Snelling is a talented hitter. Back in The American League, he will most likely receive additional playing time as a Designated Hitter. Good for him. I only wish him the best.


Anonymous said...

Because of the glut of outfielders, do you think a trade involving Church is imminent?

Or will Casto be optioned to Columbus?

What the heck -- will the Phillies trade us their "Ryan" 1st baseman, who is only hitting .217?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Brianh-Church probably isn't going anywhere soon. He is our only reliable stick in the outfield. Casto is iffy to stay right now. I would love to see Phillys "RYAN" but that funny and never going to happen. Maybe Bowden can corner the market on "Ryans".

Mark L. said...

I think that you are being a tad optimistic with Langerhans. He is a better defender than Snelling but he has less of an offensive upside. It seems like a pretty pointless trade. I expect everyone over 26 to be traded in July in a desperate attempt to bring in a little farm talent. Langerhans will just be a place-holder until the Lerners blow their wad this offseason.

SenatorNat said...

The German surnamed Ryan is marginally better than the Aussie, and, as said, is a stopgap roster move.

But, he can play first-base: so, I say, let Fick go NOW. Do not wait for Nick's return. Let Josh Wilson go, too, when Guz gets back. (Incidentally, all recent MLB players got to choose from following menu of eight first names: Jason, Josh, Ryan, Brett, Matt, Jose, Jesus, and Javier. Anything else had to be approved by Bud...)

Trade Church at your own peril, Bow Bow, as he looks like the real deal, and now, his entire career stats are uniformly good. Nats'Fan Favorite from Day One, and for good reason.

Bowden has now assembled one of the best rosters in MLB for holding a lead: small problem, he has the worst one for getting one to hold!

Lerners MO: "Buy Cheap and Manage Cheaper!"

Trust in Kasten. All Good.