Thursday, August 03, 2006

This Is Why Soriano Is Important.

I have mentioned in the past how my wife, Sohna, has never been much of a sports fan. But, when I became a season ticket holder for the Washington Nationals for the Inaugural Season in 2005, she agreed to attend more games. She loves our Section 320, but, what she has come to enjoy the most is Alfonso Soriano. Soriano is someone she can relate too. And, not just his game, but the professional manner he conducts himself. Sohna's attended 88 Nats Home games to date. And, 5 away games.

In late June, We took her female cousin, who had never attended a professional sporting event in her life, to the weekend series against Tampa Bay. After 2 games, the only person she could concentrate on--WAS ALFONSO SORIANO!!. She didn't know anything about any player, yet she noticed something special about Alfonso. Our Cousin called on the day after the trading deadline, and wanted to know why he was still with the team, when everyone expected Soriano to be traded. She was paying attention. And, she was glad he was still in Washington. Her husband believes she has the Nats Fix now.

Today, Sohna and I were in the discount store, Tuesday Morning, and I was wearing my Navy Blue Nats Cap. The lady on the register asked me if we ever atttended Washington Nationals Games. We said we were Season Ticket Holders. The cash register lady looked at us and said, "We've (her family) never had any interest in baseball, but we find Soriano very interesting. We went to a game in May and now have attended 3 more since. We don't know much about the game, but we are enjoying him and learning and love watching him play."

Another male employee pipped in--"I have always been an Los Angeles Sports Fan, in all sports, but I just love watching Soriano. And, my friends and I have attended 3 games so far. And, since he's staying, we're going to try to make a few more. You never know what that dude is going to do, so he's worth the ticket price."

Whereever we go, and the Nationals come up in conversation, the talk always leads to Alfonso Soriano. Everyone knows about him. He's is the face of the franchise, for the non baseball following fans.

This is a very small sample, but it does show how the Nationals and the Lerner Group need to attract the casual fan, not just the die hards like you and me. Alfonso Soriano is just such an attraction. People can relate to him, he's got charisma. He's worth the price of admission. Not much more you can ask from someone.

That's why Soriano is so important to The WASHINGTON NATIONALS FRANCHISE.

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Say Hey Klib said...

I think ownership realizes that he is what puts butts in the seats. Without him (as much as I know Zimmerman is a star in the making) there would be little reason for the non die hards to come to the games. Soriano provides attandance while they are rebuilding, attendance = $$$$$$$$, atendance & Soriano = tlevised games, televised games = $$$$$$$$$. Baseball is the American way. Business it the American way. Baseball is business.