Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Road Trip

As Nat Del Negro mentioned in his comment to the last post, I am out of town. I want to thank screech's best friend and everyone from Nats320 for keeping me up to date. Part of the reason I am out of town is for my yearly pilgrimage to Fenway Park, the Holy Grail of Baseball Stadiums. If you have never been, it's a lot of fun. I treated my Dad to a game. We arrived early and caught the end of the Red Sox batting practice and the Tigers batting practice. No one put on a show, so we walked the park to see the changes since last year. The ownership have made so many changes to the ole ball park. Aside from the Green Monster seats and the extended roof box seats, there are so many new vendors under the stands. They have also added signage that is reminiscent of the '20's. A 3 piece brass band plays, there is a guy who walks around the stadium on stilts playing catch with the fans. Yawkey Way is now almost like a carnival, with vendors, music et. al. Luis Tiant, know to the baseball world as El Tiante, has a table, and signs autographs before the games. He is pictured with me and my Dad.

I wish the game was better for Sox fans, Beckett never had great stuff. The Tigers led 5-0 after 3 innings. The Sox nibbled away and scored 3 runs in the middle innings.

Right when the Sox were rallying trying to come back, I made section 320 proud. Mike Lowell was up with men on 1st and 2nd and they played the Hey Ho Lets Go song. Nobody was singing, so I started into "Hey Ho Mike Lowell". After the second time people started to catch on and sang with me. And Lowell singled on a sharp liner to right. IT WAS GREAT!!! Unfortunatly the Sox sent Manny home from second and he was dead at the plate. To make it worse, Terry Francona took a page out of Frank Robinson's managing book, he left a questionable reliever (Rudy Seanez) in for too long and the Tigers scored 2 more. Between the bottom of the 8th and top of the 9th they started playing "Sweet Caroline" I sang out chorus of "I hate this song" which got a lot of laughs. Although I love the Nats, I am also a Red Sox fan, and wished for a beter outcome, but they Sox lost 7-4.

Well maybe better luck next year when I return back.

From the road, best wishes to the Nats,and section 320!!!!!

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