Sunday, August 06, 2006

One Of These Days


One of these days, I would LOVE to see the Nationals score a runner from 2nd or 3rd base or 2nd and 3rd on a consistent basis with less than 2 outs--like every other team in baseball.

It would thrill me to no end to see a Nationals baserunner not get himself picked off or thrown out at a base because of terrible baserunning--every single game.

One of these days, I would like to see the Washington Nationals actually advance baserunners on a consistent basis with a decent bunt--because except for Zimmerman bunting FOR A HIT, there is NO ONE on this team that is fundamentally sound at the art of bunting. They should all practice it for 30 minutes before EVERY SINGLE GAME!! Squaring around to bunt consists of planting both feet side to side, NOT ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER!!- And keep the bat LEVEL--NOT AN ANGLE!! Don't lunge at the ball, let it softly hit the bat!! Its pretty simple!!

Wonderful, JUST WONDERFUL SIGHT IT WOULD BE, to see a Nats hitter up at the plate with an opposing pitcher in serious trouble, 2 runners or more on, less than 2 outs and see the hitter actually not swing at the very first pitch he sees for the pitcher, getting himself out. Or, my other favorite, like today, when Livan Hernandez, with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs, had a 2-0 count and swings at the very next pitch down and away and pulls it to short to end the inning. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SWING AT THAT PITCH!! EVER!!

Hopefully a day will come when Alfonso Soriano, or whatever Nationals baserunner does take off and clearly has such a good jump the base will be stolen easily, that the batter, Like Felipe Lopez today, will not swing at the pitch, just to protect the runner, fouling off the pitch, killing the steal, and then striking out on the very next pitch. Sometimes, it would be great to see a batter actually THINK OUT THERE on the field.

And, it would be a total surprise, and a good one, to see Frank Robinson, with no outs and runners on 1st and 2nd, NOT WASTE AN OUT WITH A USELESS BUNT!! (Yes the ONE TIME THE NATS BUNT SUCCESSFULLY--ITS USELESS!!) Like today, when Ryan Church gave himself up to advance the runners so Marlon Anderson and Livan Hernandez could end the inning quietly. Frank--CHURCH CAN HIT THE BALL OUT OF THE PARK--It was the way the ORIOLES DID IT WHEN YOU HIT THEM OUT OF THE PARK FOR EARL WEAVER--DID YOU NOT LEARN ANYTHING!!

How great would it be if the Nationals, who don't get too many well pitched games from starters, like today with Livan Hernandez against the Padres in San Diego, actually score some runs to give the guy some comfort level and not allow Livan to waste an absolutely TERRIFIC PERFORMANCE, due to NO RUN SUPPORT, and 12 runners left on base--CHOKING CONSISTENTLY IN THE CLUTCH WITH NO PLATE DISCIPLINE!! Playing outside their games. Livan should have easily had a 5-7 run lead heading into the 7th inning. This game was a WIN ALL THE WAY!! Not a 3-2 10 Inning loss.

Just ONCE!! When an opposing pitcher, Jake Peavy Today, throws 119 pitches, only 67 for strikes, walks 6, including 1 intentionally in 5.1 innings, the Nats score more than one run, OFF A LEADOFF HOME RUN from Alfonso Soriano. Peavy was in trouble all day, yet the Nats continued to get themselves out.

A smile would be brought to my face, if FRANK didn't consistently layout a relief pitcher to fail, like he did today with Micah Bowie going 3 innings--not trusting anyone AT ALL in his bullpen, EVEN--JON RAUCH and CHAD CORDERO--WITH AN OFF DAY TOMORROW!! WHAT ARE YOU HOLDING BACK FOR!! Its a off day, neither one pitched on Saturday!! And, you can bet that Frank will say something derogatory about the bullpen guys, doing his best to pump them up for the next time--Yeah Right!!

If everybody in the bullpen actually sucks, then lets just clear house and start all over again. And, thank JIMBO for slowing depleting whatever pitching depth the Nationals had when they moved here from Montreal.

Gary Majewski has pitched so badly for Cincinnati (ERA at 12.54 and 4 blown saves), maybe one of these days, they will release him and he can resurrect his career for the team he LOVED TO PLAY FOR--WASHINGTON!! Another talented guy screwed up by poor management decisions.

I would love to see Frank Robinson actually show some trust in younger players and not take them out of the game, after one at bat that resulted in an out, and that player never seeing daylight again. Yet, Brian Schneider can KILL THE TEAM ON A DAILY BASIS, but he can always play. If Brandon Harper is that bad, we might as well bring back Matt LeCroy (which the Nationals actually did today, signing him to a Minor League Contract with New Orleans). Give the guys like Harper, Bernie Castro and even Daryle Ward, a legitimate chance Frank--WE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN ANYTHING SOON!

And, how great would it be if we could actually beat the Padres. They are World Champions against our Nationals. The Padres and the Reds. We need to get these guys out of the National League!!

One of these days, the Washington Nationals will actually be able to accomplish all these skills--And the Washington Nationals will be a winning team. Maybe even a Championship Team!!

That would be a DAY TO REMEMBER!


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