Thursday, August 24, 2006


Not to disappoint all those that have been kind enough to read and comment on my writings on the NATS320 blog. But, I must be away for the next 4 days covering the Launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, scheduled for Sunday, August 27.

This will be my 14th Launch. I can't tell you how SPECIAL IT IS!! Its a sight EVERYONE should see in their lifetime--AT LEAST ONCE!!

I will be unable to blog, as TV work will be around the clock. But, I promise to return by Tuesday, August 29th. Its a HOME GAME for the NATS, against the Phillies. I am not expecting to miss the game. Besides, if I missed the game, SCREECH would be mighty UPSET with me!!

Hoping our Nats can get their act back to respectability. We look mighty AWFUL right now!!


During that time, its fairly safe to say, we would NOT HAVE WON 34 CHAMPIONSHIPS. Of course, during those 34 years, WE DID NOT EVEN HAVE A CHANCE!!

WE MAY STINK NOW, but PLEASE SUPPORT THE FRANCHISE!! Baseball is a wonderful sport. THAT WE ALL LOVE!! We have a team to cheer and complain about--GOOD OR TERRIBLE. Its great to be able to attend a game on a work night and make it home at a reasonable hour.

Our day will come, hopefully sooner than later. For me, I can't tell you HOW GREAT IT IS to watch, scream, cheer and curse OUR WASHINGTON NATIONALS. If you prefer, we could have the Kansas City Royals, who led the Cleveland Indians 10-1 after the 1st inning last night, ONLY TO LOSE IN EXTRA INNINGS!!. Even our BELOVED NATS haven't done that, YET!!

We have baseball in DC. And ITS GREAT FOR ALL OF US! Or we wouldn't be reading all these blogs.

I am hopeful, someone will come off the BENCH from Section 320 and fill the void for a few days.

See ALL OF YOU SOON. Thanks again for all your support. I really appreciate all the nice comments.

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Farid Rushdi said...

Everyone should see the shuttle launch at least once -- I certainly did. Sadly, I moved to Florida in January of 1986, just days before Challenger was doomed by the faulty o-ring seal. It's a sight I'll never forget.