Saturday, August 05, 2006

Comcast Caves

According to the Washington Post online, Comcast agrees to start airing out beloved NATS beginning Sept 1st.
Mayor Anthony Williams is quoted as saying "Bravo. It's about time. This is great news for the fans who have welcomed the Nationals to DC and want to watch [Alfonso] Soriano on TV as he bangs in those runs,"
This was a long time coming. As a Starpower subscriber, I got to watch all the games. Maybe I will be able to call Rally Time Richard(a Comcast subscriber) now when a contoversial call happens and he will have seen it on TV.

Comcast does say that the Sept 1 date is soft because they have to notify channels they are bumping them for MASN.

Peter Angelos says "This is great news for sports fans throughout the mid-Atlantic region," I think he means for his wallet.

What a week for us NATS fans. First we get to keep Soriano for at least another 2 months, now everyone will be able to watch games by the end of the year (except for those in outer Comcast land, which might take up to 2 years)


Screech's Best Friend said...

Actually, I am saddened by the fact that MASN and Angelos Won. This final deal LEGITIMIZES MASN and makes it a real network. The Nationals will NEVER CONTROL their Rightful TELEVISION Broadcast for 20 Years. The top dollar 33% stake in MASN the Nats will Eventually OWN will take approximately $15-25 Million dollars per year out of the Owners Coffers. That alone would get Soriano Signed and a TOP FREE AGENT PITCHER and, or, Zimmerman, Kearns etc for years to come. I was for COMCAST ALL ALONG--Because IF THEY WON--The Lerners could have opened up the TV rights again. That will never happend now until we all reach retirement age. AND THAT SUCKS!!

Say Hey Klib said...

screech's best friend you know as well as anyone how the communications industry works. Which goes to the title of my post "Comcast Caves"
On a seperate note Rally Time Richard saw MickNats on TV last night during the Nats/Padres game in San Diego... Way to go MickNats, showing NATS320 Nation...seen in games in San Diego, at the Mets and in Baltimore. Maybe we should change the name of the blog to Nats320 nation. I can't wait to see if MickNats blogs about the game in San Diego!

Anonymous said...

This is slightly off-topic, but since Screech's Best Friend is one of the posters here, maybe you might want to post a link to his best friend's My Space page?