Friday, April 20, 2007


Tonight, Our Washington Nationals Found Their ACE.
Tonight, Shawn Hill was Outstanding. Even his Two Run Homer served up to Aaron Boone does not detract from his effort.
Tonight his effort was special, when Shawn Hill got in trouble during the 5th inning, 2 runners on, 1 out-- He Painted The Corner to Strike Out Both Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla. That was pitching in The Big Leagues Tonight or on any other night.
Tonight, Shawn Hill started a Two Out Rally with his second career base hit.
And tonight, Shawn Hill continued to prove he is Our Best Bunter (I can always be proud of any batter that can bunt).
There is No Doubt Shawn Hill IS OUR BEST STARTER.

But Tonight, (believe it or not) was not all Shawn Hill.

Tonight, Ronnie Belliard did his Best Manny Ramirez Imitation with a two out, 3 Run Homer to left. If you put Belliard and Ramirez together swinging in the same photo, only size would tell the difference. You can pick, but you really can't complain about Belliard's effort so far this young season. Ronnie Belliard has been a pretty solid ballplayer.

Tonight, Our Washington Nationals slapped The Marlins Scott Olsen all over Dolphin Stadium.

And Tonight, Felipe Lopez played like a real leadoff hitter--3 walks, 2 singles. If only Our Washington Nationals could knock him around to score more often. And, a couple more stolen bases would not hurt.
Tonight, Austin Kearns finally realized you don't have to pull everything, going to right twice tonight, getting 2 Doubles and a Single.

Tonight, MY MAIN MAN!!Ryan Church ALMOST SAVED THE NIGHT by THROWING OUT AARON BOONE on a Beautiful multiple bounce throw to Ryan Zimmerman at Third Base in the 8th, with the game on the line. It was THE DEFENSIVE PLAY OF THE NIGHT. Just TERRIFIC!

And then Tonight, everything went DOWNHILL-- Jon Rauch came on to give up a Two Run, opposite field Homer to Joe Borchard in the 8th making the score 5-4.

In an attempt to SAVE THE NIGHT, "The Chief Cardiologist" Chad Cordero, was called on. Sadly, Number 32 would give up a lead off game tying homer to Pinch Hitter Cody Ross in the bottom of the 9th. I was so sad and upset, I seriously considered not posting Tonight.

As this game lulled on into the 12th, Robert Fick PISSED ME OFF TONIGHT, when attempting to bunt Ryan Zimmerman to second base, HE DID NOT RUN OUT THE BUNT TONIGHT, and was doubled off by a smart thinking Hanley Ramirez at shortstop for The Marlins. Losing the lead is one thing, QUITING is a WHOLE OTHER NUMBER. No Excuses for Fick TONIGHT!!! NONE, for Tonight, OR ON ANY OTHER NIGHT!!

Then, in the bottom of the 13th, with the Bases Loaded, two outs, a 3-1 count on Pinch Hitter Matt Treanor--Home Plate Umpire Mike Reilly gave Jesus Colome a GIFT CALL TONIGHT, ringing up a called strike two, when a ball four call would have ended this game with a walk off bases on balls. Colome would strike out Treanor to end the threat on the very next pitch tonight.

Finally, IN THE 14th, Our Washington Nationals got LUCKY AGAIN TONIGHT, when Ryan Church singled, stole second due to a bad throw by The Marlins Miguel Olivo, then with Ryan running all the way off a sharp liner off The Marlins Mike Jacobs at first base by Chris Snelling, saw Florida's Jason Wood throw a terrible bouncing toss to home in an attempt to throw out My Main Man!! Olivo could not handle it--Church scoring to give Washington a 6-5 lead 4 hours and 15 minutes into this marathon tonight.

Yet, as you can probably expect, that lead was not SAFE TONIGHT.

Saul Rivera would trot out to the mound tonight, looking for the save. Jason Wood would double to left with one out and advance to third on a Brian Schneider crossed up passed ball. With the game tying run on 3rd with one out, you had to expect this game would tied up, yet again, very soon tonight.

Fortunately, Rivera Struck Out Joe Borchard and got Aaron Boone to ground out to FLop to FINALLY END THIS GAME TONIGHT!! 4 Hours and 30 Minutes after it started tonight.

For Our Washington Nationals, Curly "W" Number 6 Tonight, a 6-5 Victory of The Florida Marlins.

The Post Script From Tonight:

By the way, Our Washington Nationals had 18 hits tonight, received 7 walks and Our Hitters left 28 Runners ON BASE TONIGHT!! That's REMARKABLE!!

And No Doubt, Shawn Hill Deserved the Win Tonight.

But, the Big Question is: What will Our Manager Manny Acta do with "The Chief", after Tonight.

I guess we shall find out, starting tomorrow night.

The African Queen and I feel sad for Chad Cordero Tonight.

Tonight's In Game Photos--(AP) Lynne Sladky


Brian said...

Let's not give up on Cordero this early.

I'm puzzled by his lack of command and I'm concerned that he seems to have lost his confidence.

But Cordero has a proven track record of effectiveness.

Heck, tonight Mariano Rivera blew an 8th inning save with a 4 run lead.

Brian said...

To be clear --

I'm not comparing Cordero and Rivera in terms of quality. Obviously, Cordero can't hold Rivera's "socks."

I'm just urging patience.

mike edgar said...

Chad still shows occasional signs of his old self. He came in and got the 3rd out in the bottom of the 8th. He gave up that HR in the 9th, but that was it in that inning, as well. So, while I share some concern about him, I'm still willing to bet that Manny's not ready to yank him from the closer role just yet.

Anonymous said...

This team is a collective bunch of battlers who will not give up. A 1-8 start, but 5-3 since with two nice extra inning wins. It will only get better.

VCUKyle said...

Im worried we might have lost our "ACE" in Shawn Hill do to his playing /trying hard on the basepaths. We cant have our pitches SLIDING into any base hands and arms first. They said he felt tightness in his arm. Clearly Patterson is not 100% and Shawn Hill is are only threat on the mound so far. I just hope he can stay healthy and we need to teach our pitchers how to slide.

JayB said...

Good point about sliding....Nick is the worst I have ever seen. Pitchers should never go shoulder, arm, hand first......Acta needs to take ownership of this level of detail.....Lord knows we have given the Nats the "Plan Pass Special" this year.....the only thing we are expecting is progress on fundenetals so let's make some progress, please.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Hill is OK, Shawn Hill is OK, Shawn Hill is OK, Shawn Hill is OK, Shawn Hill is OK, Shawn Hill is OK...

bdrube said...

Perhaps Hill wouldn't feel pressure to try to score a run if the offense would produce more consistently behind him. This game should have been 10-4 in regulation.

I admire his guts.

RallyTime Richard said...

wow, someone else mentioned fundamentals before I did, and yes, you don't allow your pitchers to slide head first and you run out the bunt.

the Red Sox beat the Yankees, Nats win, and Toronto looses...a Great Day for baseball!!! The extra innings was extra special, allowing me to watch my two favorites team get the win.