Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aramark Update

Continuing to look for some answers concerning Aramark and their TERRIBLE service at RFK Stadium, I approached The DC Sports and Entertainment Commission to see what they might be doing to solve this ongoing problem. Their spokesperson got back to me yesterday afternoon, but in light of the terrific Nationals Comeback yesterday, I held the information until today. As it turns out The Washington Times also had an update today.

The DCSEC assured me that they are working diligently to correct Aramarks shortcomings, telling me: The ARAMARK problems are issue one here this week. I think The Nationals and DCSEC have read them the riot act. The situation is that although DCSEC holds the contract with ARAMARK, operationally they deal directly with the Nationals. In that case it is everyone's problem and we are working to correct the deficiencies ASAP.

At the same time, a third party contact has told me--Team President Stan Kasten is thoroughly working on fixing Aramark's deficiencies, or else, THEY ARE GONE.

For me, Gone Today would be fine.

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