Wednesday, April 11, 2007

If Only

If only Our Washington Nationals did not come out the gate in typical fashion for their early season doldrums this evening.

If only Jerome Williams, tonight's Nats Starter had control of his pitches.

If only Williams early struggles had not cost him dearly tonight. Right off the bat in the first inning after issuing a leadoff walk to Kelly Johnson, Chipper Jones unloaded on a high change up, depositing the ball deep into the right field bleachers for a early 2-0 Atlanta lead.

If only Our Washington Nationals had put together some Offense against Atlanta Braves Starter Chuck James. They couldn't.

If only Andruw Jones had not made it OFFICIAL (Once Again), absolutely CRUSHING a Ryan Wagner pitch DEEP into the left field bleachers in the bottom of the 7th inning--a three run shot, his 14th Home Run against Our Washington Nationals in two plus years of play against Atlanta. The Nationals were only down 2-0 at the time of his homer. And, Atlanta's starter Chuck James was out of the game and Washington was facing The Braves less than stellar bullpen.

If only Andruw's Home Run did not hurt more. The fact that Wagner had recorded the first two outs of the inning, before Edgar Renteria and Chipper Jones kept the inning alive for Andruw's BLAST!!-- that one hurt big time, and proved costly.

If only after The Nationals Bats came alive against reliever Rafael Soriano- scoring three runs on a Dimitri Young Double, Austin Kearns Single, Ryan Church double scoring Young and a Ronnie Belliard single scoring Kearns and Church pulled Washington back into the game with three runs, all with one out--had Brian Schneider showed some patience and not swing at the very first pitch he saw from the struggling Soriano for a force out. Come on Brian, Rafael Soriano was on the ropes. You have to show better discipline at the plate.

If only Robert Fick, pinch hitting for Wagner, did not meekly fly out to finally kill that late rally.

If only a very overtaxed bullpen did not have to take it on the chin tonight.

If only, after Ryan Wagner struggled badly, Jon Rauch did not come on and have a bad inning himself, giving up three earned runs to close out the scoing for an 8-3 Atlanta Braves win over Our Washington Nationals. Your Bullpen just can not continue to pitch half of every game. By the end of April, This Bullpen is going to need reinforcements.

If only we could put together a complete all around game.

If only we could have some better luck.

If only we could hold the lead for one pitch in ANY GAME.

If only we were not 1-8.


If only for Manny Acta. He deserves better.


Anonymous said...

IF ONLY Kory Casto could hit the cutoff man for once in his life!

NatsNation said...

I don't believe I've ever been so depressed since before the Nats arrived and I used to be a Red Sox fan.

Anonymous said...

If only Ryan Zimmermen could drive in a run. If only Brian Schneider could get one hit. If only Robert Fick would disappear. If only Stan Kasten would go back to Atlanta. If only Jim Bowden would got back to Cincy. If only the Lerners would go back to the Mall business.

Say Hey Klib said...

If only we could fast we could fast forward to a different season when the losing mindset that isgetting ingrained in our young players has become Nats culture. Where we become the lovable losers that are so marketable, that our owners make huge money.... Oh wait thats the Cubs....
Seriously, I hope our Nats aren't developing a losing attitude that will takes years to change from a losing team culture to a winning one.

6th and D said...

I seriously don't think it would have hurt the plan if we signed some pitching during the offseason.
Why isn't JIMBO on a 747 heading for Japan, signing the 4 best pitchers they have? This is terrible. 100 years ago, the 1907 Nats, led by Joe Cantillon finished last in the American League 49 - 102. Team batting average for that year was .243 - please God give us a win streak.

Anonymous said...

No way we become the cubs. Lernasten must know that a chronically losing club in DC will only result in a dwindling and ultimately non-existant fan base. This isn't chi town

RallyTime Richard said...

If only I had stayed in Boston, but I'd have had to pay $200K for my season tickets.

Anonymous said...

If only the Lerners weren't so cheap.