Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cell Phone Ticket Technology

Although I originally posted this story as part of my game recap last evening, I felt it very important to give Our Washington Nationals new Cell Phone Ticket Technology a bigger play, not buried at the bottom of another piece. So, here is a reprint of yesterday's tour I took with the folks from

Before tonight's game, I headed over to The NEW KIOSK SET UP by to teach Season Ticket Holders how to use their online accounts at, and transfer tickets to anyone, whether to their home computers, and onto a person's cellphone. The Demonstration, near The Red Hot & Blue Eatery was quite fascinating. Every Season Ticket Holder is allowed to have TWO BUDDIES that you can send tickets to all season long FOR FREE. Anyone else you transfer a game ticket to, a $2 service charge is applied to your account.

What's fascinating about this technology, which RFK STADIUM is one of the very first to utilize, is that, say you have the game tickets and are running late-your friend is already at RFK. If you both have Compatible Cell Phones that can handle this service, all you have to do is email a transfer code to your buddies phone. Your friend will receive an email with BAR CODE and Complete Ticket Information. Your friend just needs to show his phone at THE MAIN GATE to RFK Stadium (The only entrance accepting the service right now). The Ticket Attendant scans the bar code right off the phone, then proceeds to give the cell phone user a printed receipt with Game Date, Seat Location and Details.

Really, I thought this is a GREAT USE OF TECHNOLOGY. There are so many ways ticket holders can take advantage of this opportunity. Even selling your seats late, not even 15 minutes before a game begins, yet still getting the seats to the buyer. What a great deal, if you can not attend for whatever reason. And, if you are a COLLECTOR and a SPECIAL GAME is coming up and you VALUE A PERFECT TICKET, you no longer have to carry that game seat to the park with you. Just email the ticket to yourself, leave the ticket at home, scan your phone, get a receipt. What could be finer.

Finally, if you forgot your tickets at home, in the office or the car--NO PROBLEM NOW. Email the seats to yourself via Life is easy, thanks to A CELL PHONE. And besides, the folks gave out some nice white TEE Shirts with logo on the back for those that completed the demonstration.

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