Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Let Teddy Lose

As is always the case in the America we live in today, When popularity rises someone has to begin complaining/trashing in an attempt spoil the enjoyment. Once again, its happened, this time in today's Examiner Newspaper. Columnist Rick Snider writes an article/editorial declaring Our Washington Nationals are destroying Teddy Roosevelt's, well earned, "Tough Guy" image by making Teddy "The Lovable Loser" in the very popular Presidents Race at RFK Stadium.

Included in the story are the typical quotes from The T.R. Historical Society and an Area Teddy Club claiming The Nationals are Humiliating Roosevelt. And, how Teddy's losing has got to stop.

Come on!! Its a gimmick. A Gimmick that has RAISED THE PROFILE OF ALL FOUR FAMOUS PRESIDENTS. The Presidents Race is known throughout this country as something SPECIFIC TO WASHINGTON, DC and Our Washington Nationals. Nightly, video of the race is shown on Sports News Programs-nationwide.

Last time I checked, American's, both Adults and Children, have retained limited knowledge of historical facts and figures from their schooling. History does not matter to us. We live in a technology run society where instant gratification appears to be the only goal. "What can we get next?", always the next question. I am sure the great majority of Americans can not even name the 43 Presidents Of The United States. That's sad, but its true.

What The Racing Presidents have done is put History Back on The Map, at least in the Washington, DC area. Before The Nationals started the live "Rushmores" Race last summer, I would guarantee you virtually NO ONE thought about Teddy Roosevelt. Although the so called experts in The Examiner Article would never admit it, I would bet more Baseball Fans, both young and old, ARE Curious about Teddy Roosevelt, in fact, George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, as well.

They are no longer just expressionless portraits on a wall!

These Presidents have LIFE. And, in giving life they are drawing interest from many. Many folks that otherwise would never have cared in the first place about history. We are fortunate to live in one of THE MOST HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT CITIES IN THE WORLD!! Any opportunity to raise that profile and give even the slightest immersion of knowledge should not be blasted.

To those Historical Society Folks, NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT YOUR BOY, TEDDY, BEFORE LAST SUMMER!! EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT HIM NOW!! You should be happy that thousands more are interested in Teddy Roosevelt. Before Our Washington Nationals arrived, and The Presidents Race began, T.R. was just another distant figure in history to most baseball fans. Someone that only your Historical Society and Club really cared about.

Fess Up. Times have changed and you should be enjoying the ride. Not bitching about it!



Daedalus said...

Yeah, sometimes I wonder if anyone has anything GOOD to say about anything related to the Nationals. I mean, really - why can't people just be grateful to have the opportunity to watch baseball? It's not going to be this bad forever!

I for one congratulate whoever came up with the idea to use the presidents - it is a brilliant marketing tool and very unique to Washington. I am so happy that the Nationals have capitalized (capitolized? ha ha) on the very things that make this city so unique.

An Briosca Mor said...

I'm wondering, did Teddy ever win the race during the first season and a half when it was entirely up on the big screen and not run by the guys in the big head costumes? Because if Teddy was a winner at times in the on-screen races but now is a loser all the time, then we know what the cause of that is, don't we? The Lerner-Kasten Plan! Expect a big breakthrough for Teddy in the new stadium in 2008 and beyond as The Plan takes hold. Unless they trade him at the deadline for prospects, that is. What could they get for the Chief AND Teddy, do you think?

Anonymous said...


Love this blog and the presidents' race. I think, however, that you might be misinterpreting Rick Snider's article: I think it's done "tounge-in-cheek" in good humor. The writer and those providing comments are doing so in fun, not seriously knocking the event. In fact, I think they're looking to encourage interest in the event.


Jim said...

The fact that Teddy loses every race is one of the better running (no pun intended) jokes out there. Roosevelt was famous for his outdoors ways and his efforts to get Americans fit. He was one of our more active presidents.

Brian said...

Rosenthal at FOX Sports just posted a rumor that the Nationals are looking to trade Teddy, but will nix any deal including Taft, Eisenhower, or Clinton.

Eddie Cunningham said...

However Clinton will be accepted if The Punk comes aboard, too...

Joe Riley said...

Alright, I posted about this, but one aspect that I neglected to include is this: The one problem with Teddy always losing is that it takes some of the drama (however contrived) out of the equation. It's become a 3 man race, not 4. I thought that the whole Teddy-losing schtick was done for the 2006 season, so where does it end? I've guessed that he wins when the new stadium opens.

Is Teddy supposed to be a metaphor for the Nationals? "Hey, just like Teddy, we might lose all the time, but aren't we still fun to watch?" I don't really believe this, but it's a theory.

Perhaps "Teddy" is supposed to lose just as Charlie Brown was never destined to kick that football from Lucy in the "Peanuts" strips. Even after over 40 years of drawing Charlie Brown, it would have been pandering on the part of artist Charles Schulz to allow him to ever kick that football. The whole point was, he never was going to kick it, so what became important was HOW HE DEALT WITH IT.

My gosh, this is like a little epiphany. I need to update!