Wednesday, September 01, 2010

With The Intent

Radio Broadcaster Dave Jageler best described Nyjer Morgan's rush to the mound this evening in South Florida. Our Washington Nationals centerfielder did not head out to the mound to "dance" with The Florida Marlins Chris Volstad in the top of the 6th inning. D.C.'s leadoff hitter did not get in The Fish's starting pitcher's face to jaw with him.

Dave realized and stated Nyjer Morgan charged the mound tonight at "Whatever You Want To Call It" Stadium WITH THE INTENT of taking a shot at Chris Volstad after a pitch came flying behind his head.

What did Nyjer really expect?

In the last 24 hours, Morgan had barreled over Florida's Catcher Brett Hayes during a close play at the plate. An eventual out that separated Hayes' shoulder--putting Brett out for the remainder of the season.

Does Nyjer really think The Marlins weren't going to retaliate?

To Florida's credit, they didn't plunk Morgan until the top of the 4th--with Washington down 14-3 and this game well out of hand. A hit-by-pitch that found Nyjer stealing second, stealing third, then scoring on a sacrifice fly on a pop out by Ian Desmond. D.C.'s fourth run that also found Marlins' second baseman Donnie Murphy dislocating his wrist making the catch on an awkward fall.

The Florida Marlins had every reason to be pissed off at Nyjer Morgan this evening and that's why they threw behind his head, AGAIN, two innings later in the top of the 6th. The final volley that erupted into the biggest scrum involving Our Washington Nationals in recent memory.

But it didn't have to be this way. Nyjer should have just taken it like a man.

Instead, Nyjer Morgan charged the mound and struck Chris Volstad. Home Plate Umpire Marvin Hudson had already ejected Volstad. Marlins' 1st Baseman Gabby Sanchez then took Morgan out with one of the greatest horse collar takedowns of all time. If Sanchez wants a career in the WWE, Vince McMahon might be willing to talk. Those fisticuffs sending every single player and coach for both teams out onto the field and into the middle of the fray. Few more involved than 3rd Base Coach Pat Listach--who jumped right on top of Volstad in protection of Nyjer. And Bench Coach John McLaren, who eventually found himself on the bottom of the scrum. Even Livan Hernandez was HOT!!

But what everyone will remember at the end of the day was Nyjer Morgan being taken off the field, jersey pulled completely out of his pants, marched to the dugout by Bullpen Catcher, Nilson Robledo. And seeing Nyjer Morgan raise both hands in triumph to the fans of The Florida Marlins.

Rocky this was not. Embarrassment was more like it.

The Nyjer Morgan quandary, which has played out all season, came to a head tonight.

Remember, there were the Inside-The-Park Home Run incidents in May against The New York Mets and The Baltimore Orioles. The second of which found Nyjer throwing his glove down in disgust on a ball he deflected off the top of the outfield wall at Nationals Park. A baseball hit by Adam Jones that stayed in the park, yet found Morgan throwing a tantrum, while Jones ran around the bases freely to score.

There has been his inconsistent play, not only in the field, but at the plate--and on the bases.

There was the incident in Philadelphia in August when Nyjer Morgan got into a verbal bout with Phillie Fans--eventually hitting one with a baseball and suspended by Major League Baseball (though still under appeal).

There was the near collision with The St.Louis Cardinals Catcher Bryan Anderson last week at Nationals Park.

And there was the Brett Hayes injury suffered last night at Sun Life Stadium.

Nyjer Morgan seems to be playing with anger in his heart. And that's not the type of play The African Queen and I can not support.

Playing hard is fine. striking people with the intent to injure--is not.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Nyjer Morgan is going to be suspended again by Major League Baseball after tonight's brawl. And you have to wonder whether MLB's final decision will come WITH THE INTENT of keeping Nyjer Morgan off the field for the remainder of 2010. It's hard to minimize the damage Washington's centerfielder did tonight.

And Nyjer Morgan is going to be severely punished for it.

PS: Final Score in The Worst Game Of The Season--The Florida Marlins 16 and Our Washington Nationals 10.

Tonight's InGame Photos--Wilfredo Lee (AP)


Georgeoffer said...

i normally agree with you on most, but not today. i think this was needed by someone to light a fire in this team. Not to mention throw at twice in a game he was well within his right to charge the mound.

When Pete Rose plows a catcher in an all star game, all people say is that he's an aggressive player.

Nyjer Morgan does it and all people say is that he's a bonehead. If that catcher would have dropped that ball, he'd have been a hero and everyone would be defending his actions right now.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you that we pay good money for our season tickets, I pay $9,300 not to watch this crap in which I have to explain to my son is not good baseball. I feel that we may not see Nyjer in a Baseball uniform period.
Stan Kasten, who has the blood of Rob Dibble on his hands can bloody his hands again on this my dismissing or finding some trade for Morgan. He can't be a part of the Nats, he is too much of a bone-head that does things for his own ego and not for the best of the club.

We as fans and season ticket holders have to find a way to tell the Rizzo's and Kastens that we don't want Nyjer anymore.

Zachary said...

Nyjer's...meltdown not withstanding, is this game really worse than that godawful 9-1 loss to the Cubbies back on August 23? I admit my opinion is colored by that I was at that game and it was pure torture to watch.

At least the Nats lost by single digits in the end. But Nyjer's gotta go.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

What's frustrating about Morgan is that he's a talented player. I think he's talented enough to make the All-Star game IF he plays with his head on his shoulders. Now instead of his head, there's a huge chip instead.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why it's considered bad form for the team that is losing by several runs to steal bases. Are teams behind by 10 runs expected to roll over and accept a loss rather than continue fighting in an effort to win? That's B.S.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Stealing the bases by Nyjer is not the overriding issue last night. Nyjer should have realized The Marlins were going to throw at him again in the 6th. Volstad had been ejected before Morgan even charged the mound. He let his personal feelings get into the way and could have gotten someone else hurt. That can't happen.

If Nyjer Morgan had stood at home plate, jawed a little bit and trotted to first base, he would have earned a tremendous amount of respect. He chose not to and the picture of him raising his arms to the Marlin fans after the fight will be remembered for some time.

John B. Ramsey said...

SBF, the marlins hit THREE of our players last night, not including the pitch thrown behind Nyjer Morgan in the 6th Inning! Enough!

I'm so disappointed in you that you are seemingly taking the Marlins' side in this. Nyjer DID take his plunking like a man. He went straight to first without any objections to the HBP. Then he stole two bases. Good for him for always playing the game and trying to win!

The greatest thing about this event is how Jim Riggleman has stood behind his players. I am so proud of him for saying: "We decide when we run. The Florida Marlins will not decide when we run . . . But we'll protect Nyjer. If anybody takes some liberties and does anything, then we'll protect him. There will be no free shots, I can guarantee you that." (from NatsInsider)

Screech's Best Friend said...

John B. Ramsay: What's disappointing is that Nyjer couldn't take the high road in the 6th inning. There was no reason to charge the mound. Morgan was looking for a fight and The Marlins gave him another reason to do so.

We are not protecting The Marlins here.

But there comes a time when the shenanigans have to stop and Morgan didn't do so when the time warranted it.

Unknown said...

Nyjer Morgan is nuts. The guy is mentally unstable. I'm tired of him. He's a mediocre player too. He needs to go.

Screech's Best Friend said...

And remember, Nyjer instigated the entire situation and didn't let it simmer down.

jags52982 said...

I'm not a nationals fan but man I can't believe what I'm reading from most of you. This guy had every right to charge the mound he took the hit earlier in the game and others got hit also. What he has to take it all night forget that. I'm glad he stole those bases what he should just not try because his team is down by ten. Its a nine inning game and it was in the fourth.

Laurie said...

Golfersal: ..How old is your son? Because I am sorry, but I have a son too..who played baseball for 12years and I dont think the amount of money you pay and explaining to your son go hand in hand. I have 4 seats, and pay a lot too. That is not the point! This baseball stuff has gone on since the beginning of baseball time. Sorry you have to explain that to your son, but I have explained stuff to my son for years!!
I think Nyjer acted a bit hot headed, but there is no reason they needed to throw at him a 2nd time! That was ridiculous. Sure it would have been best if he just went down to first base, but knowing how hot headed he was, I think they threw on purpose knowing he would flip. Furthermore, the umps let it get out of control. In the game the night before, Nyjer should have slide..and scored. He is a bit over the top. Face it, he's a average player, at best. Arm is below average, and he is not the best base runner, although he is fast. I trust that Rizzo will do what is best and I will support him.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I don't know if this is good news or bad, but this not only got mention on the NATIONAL news (both Mike & Mike as well as Colin Cowherd were talking about it), it actually forced the Junkies to talk about baseball for a few minutes.

Brian Rothbart said...

I have no fault with what Morgan did, but again he could have probably been smarter. For example, he could have bunted and ran over who ever was covering first base. That probably would have caused a scuffle, but may been less obvious. Morgan needs to stand his ground. There was no reason to throw behind him after hitting him once in the game. I believe this is the first time the Nats have been involved in a brawl (I think there was one other time benches emptied but nothing happened). Also, I believe the Nats have only intentionally hit 2 or 3 guys since 2005. We need to stand up for ourselves. The Marlins have been a team that has owned us for awhile and are way too comfortable against us. It was time we took them to task. I remember in the 1990's when the A's owned the Yankees. LaRussa used to jaw at the Yankees catchers, well one day Buck Showalter heard and like he did recently came out of the dugout and him and LaRussa got into. Well, after that altercation the Yankees started taking the A's to town.

The Nationals should not play dirty or start fights. What Nyger did against St. Louis was uncalled for and was wrong. It may have been a mistake, but it was wrong. We/He did nothing wrong here. Although, he should have not have started yelling at the fans and looking like a thug when he left the field.

We finally have a manager that stands up for his players. I think Morgan should go, but not because of this incident, but because he isn't a very good player and 30 probably won't be.


Unknown said...

I am glad to see Nyjer standing up for himself and the other three players hit. I too am a season ticket holder and will give an ovation to Tony Plush when he gets back.

As for his future in the organization, missing the cut-off and bad decisions on the base paths are reasons to trade him...if needed. And, I love him in the eigth spot on a NL club.