Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lost In The Scuffle

Lost in the scuffle last night at "Whatever They Call It Now" Stadium.

A tremendous upper deck home run knocked out of the park by that Nats Slugger: Wil NIeves.

The sight of Our Manager Jim Riggleman laughing while patting Nieves on his shoulders in appreciation--just as enjoyable.

Danny Espinosa slapped what appeared to be a routine grounder to second at The Marlins' Emilio Bonifacio that bounced over Bonifacio's head and into right centerfield. A ruled rbi double, moments after the fight on the field, which plated Ian Desmond on Espinosa's very first Major League At-Bat. Espinosa can flat out fly on the basepath. He had to be nervous, but he carried himself like a big leaguer.

And Yunesky Maya threw 5.3 solid innings for AAA Syracuse last night. Considering Scott Olsen did nothing to preserve his spot in Washington's rotation yesterday--you have to figure Maya could be starting for Our Washington Nationals five days from now.

The good things to remember from last night but probably lost in the scuffle in South Florida.

Photo Credit: Wilfredo Lee (AP)

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