Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Danny Espinosa To Wear #18

When Our Washington Nationals recalled Wilson Ramos from AAA Syracuse today and called up his teammate Danny Espinosa for the first time, the first thought that came to our minds was what uniform number Espinosa would wear? At AA Harrisburg and AAA Syracuse, Danny wore Number 8. During the 2010 Winter Caravan, Espinosa wore Number 3.

Number 3 was Jesus Flores', now given to Wilson Ramos. Flores is officially Number 26.

With Bench Coach John McLaren already wearing Number 8 for Our Washington Nationals, Danny Espinosa was assigned today Number 18--previously worn by Terrmel Sledge (2005), Matthew LeCroy (2006), Melvin Dorta (2006), 3rd Base Coach Tim Tolman (2007-2008) and Batting Coach Rick Eckstein (2009).

Whether Danny keeps that number or not--no one really knows right now. A few players including Roger Bernadina (2 & 7), Collin Balester (40 & 99), and Tyler Clippard (19 & 36)--among many others--have worn multiple numbers during their Nationals career. The changes come after seniority is established and other players/coaches come and go from the team.

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