Thursday, September 23, 2010

Statement From Ted Lerner On Stan Kasten's Resignation

"Stan Kasten will always be an important part of the history of the Washington Nationals. He was vital to ownership winning its bid from Major League Baseball and his agreement to serve as the team’s chief executive for the last five years has been critical to building the Washington Nationals franchise.

Over his tenure he has positioned the Nationals to become one of the most exciting franchises in baseball and we thank him for all that he has accomplished.

We certainly respect his decision to pursue other interests at the end of the regular season, but will continue to call upon him for his vast knowledge of the game, the league and the franchise. He will remain a friend and valued partner of the team and ownership group."

Theodore N. Lerner
Managing Principal Owner


Jim H said...

I think this is a most ominous sign. One doesn't leave 5 years into a long term plan, unless there are specific reasons for it.

I fear Kasten couldn't get the Lerners to take the next step in payroll and free agent supplements.

Not a good sign at all.

paul said...

We are not one of the most exciting franchises in baseball, I'm sorry. (He can't really believe this, can he? And does he believe we believe he believes?) If we were, people would actually be watching.

And oh, by the way, I just re-upped for next year. Can't wait for Opening Day.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

For better or worse, what Stan Kasten is going to be best remembered for---and for what he is most reviled---is publicly inviting Phillies fans to come down to Nationals Park for Opening Day a few years ago. If Kasten's resignation had happened a couple of years ago (as it was once rumored to be), I would have been furious. Now, it's a bit different.

Maybe it's time for someone else.

Tom said...

I don't care what all the naysayers say. Stan Kasten was "adult" the Lerner's needed to lead them through the beginning stages of owning MLB franchise and he did an excellent job. Even got rid of JimBo.

Chris S. said...

FWIW, EJC, coming down to opening day was a lot of fun. It was a nice easy walk from where I was living in Capitol Hill. That was '09, if I recall correctly.

Also (and more usefully), what I'm reading from the people taking Kastan's side against ownership's, is that he is and has been frustrated by the limited budget he's been given. If that's true, his doing anything to fill seats makes sense. No idea though - it might be internet hot air and nothing more.

Thanks for beating Atlanta, by the way.