Friday, June 11, 2010

What Did Bluegrass Say To Zimmy?

Maybe the most entertaining moment about tonight's loss to The Cleveland Indians was when Austin Kearns made a bid to hammer out his third home run of the evening in the bottom of the 7th inning. Both Nyjer Morgan and Roger Bernadina for Our Washington Nationals thought they had a play on the ball near the right centerfield wall at Progressive Field. Both jumped at the same time. Both thought they were going to catch it. But when Nyjer Morgan came down with the baseball for out number one--the sight of "Bluegrass" (The African Queen's well known Section320 nickname for him) heading back to The Indians Dugout, running by Ryan Zimmerman--covering his mouth--but saying something to his former teammate--actually quite interesting.

Whatever Washington's former rightfielder said to the Z-Man, it brought a nod of acknowledgement from Our Number 11. The overlaying message most likely stating, once again, that just about anything can happen in baseball on any given night. No matter the background, no matter the history, even when a player like Kearns has been summarily released by Our Washington Nationals--due to injuries and inconsistent play--that person can still come back to haunt you.

Austin Kearns played a wonderful game tonight against his former teammates. Good for him--his performance was reminiscent of 2006 when "Bluegrass" looked like the real deal after coming over from The Cincinnati Reds in a trade. Austin deserved the hat tip and the accolades for a well played game this evening. And for not giving up--when many in baseball had probably given up on him. The very fact that Our Former Manager Manny Acta got the victory? Well, that happens too. This is baseball, remember? And besides, Our Washington Nationals really didn't play well enough to win anyway. Cleveland's Starter, Jake Westbrook, shut them down most all evening long. And D.C.'s defense was shaky again at an inappropriate time.

The result: Washington's 32nd loss of 2010.

Final Score from Progressive Field where you just can't overanalyze every loss--you just have to move past the day and think about tomorrow--and of course--Stephen Strasburg pitching on Sunday: The Cleveland Indians 7 and Our Washington Nationals 2. Looking fit and healthy, Austin Kearns was ready to play tonight. Of course, another key error by Adam Kennedy in the 1st inning on a ground ball, that would have ended the frame, didn't help either. Especially, when the miscue directly led to Luis Atilano's worst performance since his call up. Atilano grooving home run number one to "Bluegrass" moments later. His first of many mistakes on the very night--too many of his pitches were thrown into the wheelhouse of professional hitters like Austin Kearns. Big League hitters don't miss mistakes. They crush them right out of the park. Kearns & Travis Hafner taking advantage of the gifts given, by Atilano, to led The Tribe to victory.

Really, there is not much more to say about this one. Our Washington Nationals simply lost another ball game. Leaving the only thing The African Queen and I really want to know? What did Bluegrass say to Zimmy as he jogged off the field in the bottom of the 7th? No doubt they are friends. And no doubt it was something very interesting and insightful. But whatever it was--it did illicit a response from Washington's 3rd Baseman.

Inquiring minds want to know?

Tonight's In-Game Photos, Jared Wickerham (Getty Images)

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