Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Into The Spirit Of The Moment

We didn't have the chance to watch tonight's game.

And we had no opportunity to even hear Charlie & Dave.

Real work got in the way for both The African Queen and I today.

This long and extended working Tuesday found me shuttling between The White House & Capitol Hill, making it impossible to see Craig Stammen pitch maybe his best game ever in The Major Leagues. On the very evening, Alberto Gonzalez went four for four at the plate--helping Our Washington Nationals to end their five game losing streak.

Following our team in spirit this evening, but not knowing a whole lot about Washington's 7-2 victory over The Atlanta Braves, here's a good side story from tonight instead--that perfectly sums up this latest of baseball days.

While staking out Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) this evening at a Finance Committee hearing waiting patiently for some comments--here comes Congressman Pete Sessions (R-Texas, Dallas Area) walking down the corridor at the Rayburn House Office Building fully dressed in the official Major League uniform of The Texas Rangers--white pants, red socks, red alternate "Texas" jersey and blue "T" cap.

He looked good. He really did.

Of course, not one to miss out on an opportunity, this conversation ensues:

SBF: Congressman, you playing in the Congressional Baseball Game tonight?

Sessions: Yeah (pointing over toward me), You better believe it. And I'm starting (smiling proudly).

Congressman's aide: You need to come cover the game instead of this hearing--he's going to light it up.

SBF: Better than Strasburg?

Sessions: I wouldn't go that far (chuckling).

Aide: But you never know.

SBF: If you play as well as you dress sir, I'll pass the word along to the team.

Sessions: You do that.

Everyone laughing as Congressman Sessions exits the Rayburn House Office Building to head over to Nationals Park.

You gotta love the fact that the Congressman was into the spirit of the moment. Just like Sohna and I were in wishing our Washington Nationals well while finishing out two very long personal work days.


Laurie said...

Too bad you two missed the game. It was a pleasure! Njger tried to mess it up..almost getting picked off again..but we came out a winner!

SenatorNat said...

Dodd has moved the Senate Finance
Committee over to the House side? Does Nancy P. know?

Screech's Best Friend said...

SenatorNat: Joint Session--Barney Frank & Chris Dodd.