Monday, June 21, 2010

Mike Rizzo Doesn't Mess Around

Mike Rizzo proved again today that he's never one to stand pat.

With John Lannan struggling most all season, Our General Manager decided to let Lannan experiment with his lost command and control at AA Harrisburg--not in the Major Leagues--for the time being. It's a wise move. A decision Rizzo executed before, in 2009, when he sent Elijah Dukes to AAA Syracuse to work with then Chiefs' Manager--Tim Foli.

Rizzo has also sent down Roger Bernadina multiple times, but he never gave up on him either. Craig Stammen was sent down earlier this season to AAA Syracuse too.

Remember, by all accounts, Dukes played well at Washington's Top Minor League affiliate last year and returned to the Major League Lineup later in the season. Our GM gave Elijah every chance to right himself--and find his way back to the big leagues. No, in the long term, it didn't work out for Dukes as he was released in Spring Training this season, but he clearly was given every chance to earn back a job.

Roger Bernadina is currently Washington's starting right fielder and finding his major league game. And Craig Stammen is getting that same respect pitching at AAA Syracuse--having some success retooling his game. If Stammen continues to pitch well--he will be back in the majors.

John Lannan will get the exact same opportunity.

There is nothing wrong with that.

As disappointing as it must be for Washington's Opening Day Starter to be demoted back to the minor leagues, we believe Harrisburg will provide Lannan a less stressful environment to work out his kinks--reportedly with a pitching coach in Randy Tomlin--he's comfortable with in working.

John Lannan's not out of Our Washington Nationals plans. He's just out of sync. He needs to be fixed.

But once again, Mike Rizzo showed he doesn't mess around. He's not afraid to make a move when things are not going well. He's a straight shooter when it comes to his players and you could bet Our General Manager also told John that once he found himself again--Lannan will be back up and wearing a Nats Uniform in no time.

Just don't give up. And don't get down on yourself either over the decision. Just come back better than you were before.

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Laurie said...

The move needed to be made for the sake of the team. Sorry to say.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

This move made me feel better since it came on the heels of Riggleman saying that Lannan was staying in the line-up. I'm under no illusion that the guy replacing Lannan will be the second coming of Tom Zachary, but until Lannan starts pitching better, can it really be any worse?