Sunday, June 27, 2010

Being Swept Again

As Baltimore's Scott Moore stepped on first base to record the final out today at Camden Yards, The African Queen turned to me and stated: "Losing to any team in baseball I can understand, but being swept by The Orioles is totally unacceptable."

Not much more to add to that comment because for the 3rd consecutive day Our Washington Nationals blew a lead of least three runs. Washington's offense shut down after the fifth inning and their defense and pitching continued a downward trend.

Another inopportune error was critical to this latest downfall. Adam Kennedy didn't hold up his pivot throw to first base on a double play grounder--while being taken out at second base by Scott Moore. Kennedy's rush attempt to force the second out scooted well past Michael Morse at first base and into The Orioles' dugout--forcing D.C.'s team into a tie game in the bottom of the 5th.

There is little going right for Our Washington Nationals these days--76 games into the 2010 season.

Just look at Mr." No Nonsense".

On this hot and humid Sunday afternoon, Tyler Clippard looked tired on the mound. For his second consecutive appearance Clippard was anything but "No Nonsense"--giving up the game winning run--after two were out--in the bottom of the 8th. He was hit with his 5th loss of the season, and second of the weekend. Every pitch of his up, most every pitch hittable. Leaving us wondering whether Tyler's thrown far too many outings during the first half of 2010. Doesn't it seem like he's been called to duty most every single game?

Is his arm OK?

Sohna and I didn't attend this final game against The Orioles at Camden Yards this weekend, we had plenty of errands to attend to. Shopping for those necessities, the essential items needed for every day needs. The requirements to sustain and recharge ourselves. The basic elements now missing from Our Washington Nationals play these days.

Over the past few weeks, when the pitching has been fine, the offense and defense has broken down. When Washington has scored enough runs, the pitching has broken down. And when the pitching and offense find themselves on the same page--the defense breaks down. All those issues came into play this weekend in Baltimore.

The result: a three game sweep at the hands of The Baltimore Orioles. The fourth time this month, D.C.'s Team has lost all three games played in a series.

Our Washington Nationals need to recharge their batteries. They need to re-find their game. Their play this weekend showing little life after Friday night's most awful loss. Their psyche seemingly zapped. A lost spirit that may have little to do with the oppressive heat and humidity overtaking the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area.

As The African Queen stated, losing to any team in the Major Leagues is understandable, but being swept by The Baltimore Orioles is definitely not--"especially with how we played," Sohna concluded, "because we are better than that."

Final score from Camden Yards where D.C.'s Team lost for the third consecutive day to a supposedly lesser team: The Baltimore Orioles 4 and Our Washington Nationals 3. Being swept again, loss number 43 of 2010 put D.C.'s team 10 games under .500 as the All-Star break nears. And with a crucial series of games upcoming with Atlanta, The New York Mets, San Diego and San Francisco--all good teams--stopping this latest slide will surely be tested.

In Game Photo--Rob Carr (AP)


Laurie said...

Yikes :( We are in shock.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Laurie: In shock over a sweep? Or, in shock over Sohna's tough love?

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I agree with The African Queen. The MASN Cup was ours FOR THE TAKING this year. Yet in each of the games in Baltimore, we take a big lead, let it fritter away, and once the game is tied we can't score any more runs to save our lives? This isn't the '27 Yankees we were facing---these were the Orioles.

This series is going to hurt for a while, and the Nats should realize how much this means for D.C. baseball fans still loyal to Washington. Yet the way we played, we deserved to lose.

Laurie said...

In shock over the sweep and how that occured..O's coming from behind 3 games in a row..
I AGREE with Sohna's tough love...she is SOOO right....we are much better than we showed this weekend...
I also agree with your observations about their club level. Of course they have the history and their club level is very nice..except for the seating! The seating at Nats park club is far superior.