Sunday, May 24, 2009

That Organ Is Real

According to Baseball the very first organ ever used in a Major League Baseball Stadium was heard on April 26th, 1941 when The Chicago Cubs brought this wonderful musical instrument into Wrigley Field. A reported one time event that proved so popular organs quickly turned into a staple at many Big League Ballparks. But over the past decade those harmonic sounds have mostly disappeared from The Modern Game--computers have taken over, canned music the popular choice--tradition lost.

Well, if you paid attention at Nationals Park over this past homestand, at times, organ music returned to The South Capitol Street Ballpark. Those beautiful tones that generations of baseball fans grew up appreciating. A very nice reminder for me of watching The Washington Senators at DC/RFK Stadium in the late 1960' & early 1970's. The Good Baseball Organists always played little tunes during games, between play, that added to the action on the field. Whether joyful, dour, or to enhance the tension of the moment--organ music at baseball parks has always been welcomed relief.

Upon first hearing Organ Music at Nationals Park, we wondered whether these new sounds were from a real organ, with a real organist? Or canned?

We really like the organ music and want to hear it continue. There is just something special about live organ music at a baseball park.

So, we went looking for answers.

Sure enough, that organ is real. Team President Stan Kasten telling us Our Washington Nationals are "experimenting" with the idea and are testing fan response to see if organ music will become a staple at Nationals Park.

Sohna and I welcome The Live Organ Music to Nationals Park--keep it going and please use it even more. A witty organist can add to the pleasure of being at any ballpark and the very fact Washington's is attempting to bring a long, lost tradition back--is another welcome sign for Baseball In The Nation's Capital.


An Briosca Mor said...

YES! to organ.

NO! to Sweet Caroline. NO! to Clint.

It's a no-brainer, Stan. Do it.

And as a side benefit, the notes on an organ go from A to G. No O.

Steve Walker said...

Tell Stan to keep the organ! What a nice move by the Nats -- now, fix those statues, keep the organ music, and get some pictures of the '69 Senators up around the park.

It's slow, small progress, but the Nats, finally, finally, seem to be moving in the right direction -- on and off the field.

Kudos to Stan & the Lerners!

Now, lets play .500 ball or better the rest of the season!

dcbatgirl said...

Add me to the chorus w/an enthusiastic "yes" to the organ.

Anonymous said...

went to my first nats game of the season last weekend since i just got home from school...the organ NEEDS to stay

JayB said...

Yes to the organ!

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

janet said...

Keep the organ!

Anonymous said...

SBF - thanks for the great info as usual. I was sure it was canned until today when I heard it used in the correct game situations! Love the organ! And parents and grand parents were telling the kids at the park today that it is the baseball music they remember.

I sent a message on the team's "Major League Memories" site on officially voting to keep the organ.

logan said...

Yes to the organ!

No to the constant "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" as part of those ugly mobiles at the First Base entrance. Our season ticket seats are right there. Freakin' annoying.

Doctor Joe said...

It has been so very refreshing to hear some occasional live organ music at Nats Park. Now if we could get even more organ and less of the other blaring music!

paul said...

It's funny how the organ rouses such emotion. I like the new organist a lot and don't really enjoy the misplaced music that gets inserted at weird times ("Can't Touch This" after a routine play by Guzman, for instance), but I fear the fans who don't know what an organ is will win the day.

I never particularly liked Neil Diamond (my college roommate played him to death), but considering I haven't heard him this year--I've only been to about 1/3 of the games, and to very few wins--if I hear "Sweet Caroline" come on again, it will remind me that, hey, we're winning this game!

Davidson said...

Yes, please keep the organist! I loved it at the ballpark today!

Dave said...

Keep the organ! A touch of class on South Capitol Street!

(Has there been a single anti-organ vote so far in this thread? I missed it if there was.)