Friday, May 29, 2009


Just off Adam Dunn's Glove in right.

Just over Josh Willingham's head in left.

Just missed by Justin Maxwell in center (which was a tough play).

And just out of the reach of Cristian Guzman's dive as well (Although why he AND Anderson Hernandez were both covering second base on a steal attempt by Raul Ibanez/Hit & Run by Jayson Werth still needs to be answered).

Every time this evening Our Washington Nationals needed a key defensive stop--they just couldn't do it against The Philadelphia Phillies.

In fact, Ross Detwiler couldn't find the right stuff tonight just to keep from getting hammered at Citizens Bank Park.

And just when Our Washington Nationals rallied down from a four run deficit to pull within one at 5-4 in the 6th inning, they just couldn't push across the tying run with Anderson Hernandez standing on second base. Justin Maxwell striking out and Ronnie Belliard lining out to 3rd to end the rally.

Really, just when you believed The Defending Champions were there for the taking this evening, Washington couldn't make the key play.

All on the very night just when you thought Jesus Flores would return and bolster our starting lineup from his rehab assignment for a hurt shoulder, a setback occurs and that most famous of doctors--Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama--now has on his docket a meeting with Our Number 3 this Monday. Officially, it's just Tendinitis. Just can't wait to find the real answer.

Much less the outcome of the latest saga involving JUSTice and Elijah Dukes. Seemingly trying to get his life back together, Elijah's past has again come back to haunt him. More legal fees to pay, another $40,000 sum by next Friday, June 5th or face 90 Days in Jail. Our Number 34 just needs to get these legal issues out of the way. And he better find a way soon, because if he doesn't--it's just going to ruin his burgeoning career--and sadly so.

Just an all-around bummer of a day--to be a fan of Our Washington Nationals.

Final Score from Citizens Bank Park, where virtually nothing went right for the visitors. The Philadelphia Phillies 5 and Our Washington Nationals 4. Just a little bit extra effort here, or just a little bit more hustle there and DC's Team might have made a better game out of this one. But that's just the story of Our Season so far.

Washington heading into the weekend losers of four straight, 12 of 14 and 15 of 18. Just spinning around--searching to find their balance. And The African Queen and I just personally hoping Manny isn't the scapegoat for a team assembled mostly by someone no longer a part of Our Franchise.

Game Notes & Highlights

Ross Detwiler really got hit hard. The Phillies were socking his served baseballs all over their bandbox park. Blistering shots that continually where JUST OUT OF REACH of Our Fielders. It was frustrating because a couple nice defensive plays might have saved Our Number 48. Instead every shot mostly found the grass and that meant baserunners and plated runs scored for Philadelphia. Ross going just four complete innings, giving up five runs on 10 hits and one walk. Although clearly, a better defensive team might have given Detwiler more of a fighting chance on a night he wasn't his best.

Joe Beimel was exceptional tonight in the bottom of the 7th.. Called on with the bases loaded and just one out, Our Number 97 got John Mayberry, Jr. to strike out and Former MVP Jimmy Rollins to pop to third. With Washington down just one run at the time, it was a crucial series and it kept Our Washington Nationals in the game.

Josh Willingham with his 7th home run of the season in the 2nd off J.A. Happ. Willingham with two hits and two runs scored this evening. Ryan Zimmerman broke out of a Zero for 10 slump with a single in the 6th which began Washington's only rally tonight. And "The Guz" hitting a serious cold streak--now down to .329 after a Zero for Five night at the plate--falling quickly after being at .373 just last week. Just six hits total for Washington tonight. 15 for Philadelphia.

And finally--in The NCAA Baseball Tournament this evening in Irvine, California--presumptive Number One Draft Pick Stephen Strasburg looked more human. And there is nothing wrong with that--he's probably pitched too much already this year and JUST needs to be shutdown. Just like Interim GM Mike Rizzo stated two Sunday's ago at The Smithsonian Associates Meeting at Nationals Park.

Tonight's InGame Photos--H. Rumph, Jr (AP)


NatsGuy said...

They "just" look dead on the field. Morale must be horrible. Changes needed soon in leadership.

JayB said...

Just like with Jimbo, you are going to be the last persona to admit Acta's failure....How does that help the Nationals? Being a fan means facing the facts and calling it like it is. You first supported Jimbo to the hilt. Then you softly questioned, then you went silent for near a year when we all new the damage was done and now the Nationals are set back years but his leadership, you are ready to lay blame.

Come one we can not afford another 3 year step backwards while you come to terms with the Acta mistake. We need to make the changes now and yes that means a decision on Rizzo too……NOW!

JayB said...

On Rizzo......he too like Acta, will someday be hired again in baseball but not as GM or Manager. He must go too.

I would fire ANYONE (except Dana Brown) who was associated with JIMBO's staff. Bob Boone, the whole lot of ex Reds, fired. Team needs a complete new Baseball operations department (well really they need much more than that but lets limit this to baseball side for now).

This will take about a year but start now so current damage stops and the long term benefits come sooner than later.

The good news.....Dibble is great on TV.....I bet the ratings are way up this year.

Andrew said...

Do you think the Nats when they play in Bad Citizens will eventually play their OF in something close to a "no doubles" defense when there is nobody on base or a runner on 1st?

Playing back 10 - 15 feet would have eliminated 3 extra base hits last night and cost them 1 more single IMHO.

This has plagued the Nats OF so many times in the past especially in LF and RF.

Staci said...

Rob Dibble said it best- someone needs to get up in the clubhouse and demand they start doing infield drills...and take a leadership role...

The mets would LOVE to have Manny.... (or at least this mets fan would)...he's the best part of the Nationals, yet he can't inspire them to play like professionals...

looking forward to many nights out at the ballpark over the next week and a half!!!