Friday, May 08, 2009

Circuit Breaker

Charlie Slowes described it perfectly. The wildest ride of the season. A total heart stomper. Just no time to write about it with an early call tomorrow.

The largest come from behind road victory since Baseball Returned to Washington---six runs. A mark no one could have believed possible after the rough first inning by Jordan Zimmermann tonight.


Curly "W" Number 8 not to be forgotten.

Final Score from Dodger Stadium were you are never quite out of it, even when you are never quite in control of winning it.
Our Washington Nationals 11 and The Los Angeles Dodgers 9 in nine thrilling innings. Only in a game like this can a guy that literally joined our team in the 4th inning--get the win--Ron Villone. The first home loss in 14 games for The Dodgers.

Just an incredible roller coaster ride ball game. Truly A Circuit Breaker. Charlie was so right.

Tonight's InGame Photo--Chris Pizzello (AP)

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Oxhead said...

Amazing win! I checked in after three and saw that the Dodgers scored those 6 runs in the first and pretty much gave up hope. I checked again this morning just to see if our boys at least closed the gap and I almost fell out of my chair.