Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scott Olsen ESPN Zone May 18th

Monday is the first of the 2009 ESPN Zone "Meet & Greets" with a player from Our Washington Nationals. Now in it's fifth year, the monthly lunch time get togethers allow for fans to chat with a selected player during the hour long Q & A. And then receive an autograph on a item of the fan's choosing. Pitcher Scott Olsen is scheduled first to appear at The ESPN Zone. As usual, radio broadcaster Charlie Slowes will be on hand to moderate, ask questions, and ponder trivia to those attending. Winning answers are awarded free tickets to an upcoming Nationals Baseball Game.

Always entertaining and a good opportunity for some personal one-on-one time with a player, coach or management of Our Washington Nationals--each ESPN Zone "Meet & Greet" well worth the time and effort to attend.

That's Monday, May 18th at 12 Noon at the downtown DC Eatery--555 12th Street, NW DC.

Doors open at 11 AM.


dcbatgirl said...

Shucks SBF, only 3 posts today? What do you think this is, an off day?

Thanks for the reminder about this.

NatsGuy said...

SBF, I've gotten so I don't watch the Nats after the 6th inning. In reading the blogs I am getting very concerned about the comments of really bad customer service at the stadium. If people don't like what they are seeing and also having a bad experience they won't ever come back.

Why is the FO not making any comments about the way things are going. Kasten and the Lerners need to make some statements and get active with some serious marketing. At this point I don't know if anything can be done about the teams performance. They have a really awful pitching staff and nothing to fix it with.