Monday, February 16, 2009

Show Up Or Sit Out

If what ESPN Deportes writes is true and Odalis Perez has a signed contract (according to JimBo) and refuses to report to Spring Training Camp in Viera, Florida--Our Washington Nationals should hold his feet to the fire until he does. In this day and age, when so many others are suffering through rough economic times, Odalis Perez still lives a pretty luxorious lifestyle comparatively speaking.

No matter what profession anyone is in--a signed contract should be abided to. No one held a gun to Odalis Perez's head to accept Washington's Minor League Deal. His agent full well knew the current market for free agent players is down. If Odalis wasn't happy with the accepted offer in the first place--he should have never signed on the dotted line--and waited for something better.

He didn't and that's now Perez's problem, not Our Washington Nationals. Presently, Odalis Perez should be worrying more about his future as a Major League Pitcher, than about a few more short-term pay incentives his current non-guaranteed deal may, or may, not provide him in 2009.

Odalis Perez can either show up and play under his current deal, or sit the entire season out. If this is just about money, there should be no further negotiations. Yes, baseball is a business but Perez his handling this business rather poorly.


Anonymous said...

According to the reports, he never signed anything, just gave a verbal approval to his agent.

Anonymous said...

SBF - realize there is no deal.

MLBPA database shows there being no terms agreed upon, which means nothing can be signed, and nothing is in the comissioner's office.

Sam R said...

Some one in the Nats front office should have a signed piece of paper that can pretty much put the issue to rest if he actually signed or not.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!


Anonymous said...


Perhaps the headline should have been: PEREZ BALKS AT DEAL

Anonymous said...

Just shows nothing is going on in camp yet.

Anonymous said...

Perez pitch decent ball for the Nats last season and had a 4.30 ERA. What ever possessed him to sign an unguaranteed minor league contract when left handed starters are in such demand?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy - there goes my customized O.PEREZ Nats jersey. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

This is another example of the type of player the GM covets. This team is full of characters, but many of them lack character.