Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visiting With A Hall Of Famer

While others were more interested in whether JimBo will be staying or going--pumped up over the latest rumors--The African Queen and I spent part of our day with A Hall Of Famer. A Space Mission Pilot, Commander & Astronaut that was kind enough to give us some personal time at The Kennedy Space Center this Wednesday. Exploring Outer Space comes in a close second to Major League Baseball with Our Washington Nationals for me. Over the years, I have personally covered 25 launches from Pads 39A and 39B at Cape Canaveral. Growing up in the late 60's, I wanted to be an Astronaut--just like most every other child at that time--after Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon.

And when Sohna and I were offered the unique opportunity to visit with 2008 Inductee to The Astronaut Hall of Fame--John Blaha--there was NO WAY we were going to pass up a Golden Gift. From The Vehicle Assembly Building to the Launch Pad--from Launch Control to The Media Press Site (my home away from home for all those launches)--we saw it all today--up close and personal. Although she had visited before, The African Queen had NEVER been so close. Space Shuttle Discovery was even in place on Pad 39A waiting for the final decision whether STS-119 will be a go--by the end of the now ticking launch window in Mid-March.

We learned some fresh stuff about The U.S. Space Program. Sohna just AMAZED at the size of The Vehicle Assembly Building which houses Our Space Shuttles. The largest single story building in the world is large enough to put Yankee Stadium on it's roof top and still have one acre of parking space left. The VAB so tall--three Statues Of Liberty can be put inside with room to spare. The only building in America which can have its own atmosphere. Whenever rain clouds move in--NASA employees must shut all doors. If they don't and the storm clouds get inside--it can actually rain and thunder inside The Vehicle Assembly Building. As dangerous as that could be--could you imagine actually seeing that? Wow.

Yeah--we had a great time and will get back to baseball with Our Washington Nationals and Spring Training in Viera, Florida tomorrow. But for today--spending a part of our day with A Hall Of Famer--An Astronaut Hall Of Famer was far more important than the latest rumor concerning Our General Manager Jim Bowden and Our Washington Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is a great thing to do when visiting Our Nats during spring training. Just an amazing place.