Friday, February 27, 2009

In Search Of Major Nelson & Jeannie

During each of the our past three visits to Spring Training for Our Washington Nationals, time is always set aside for whatever The African Queen wishes to do--outside of baseball. On Wednesday, we headed over to The Kennedy Space Center for a personal tour. Today, we headed to the beaches. Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach to be exact. Of course nothing was finer than to come across "I Dream Of Jeannie Lane" in Cocoa Beach.

No, Major Nelson and Jeannie never lived there. Major Healey didn't stop by. In fact, none of those fictitious characters from the 1960's ever popular television show lived in Cocoa Beach. But The City of Cocoa Beach understands tourist dollars as well as anyone. "I Dream Of Jeannie Lane" is home to a public park that leads out to The Atlantic Ocean. As Sohna and I were standing there having fun taking pictures--we wondered how many of the locals thought we must be a little crazy. In the five minutes or so we we there, car after car honked at us acknowledging our presence. Locals though, must be use to it.

Much like when it comes to Sohna and a Beach. Growing up in The Gambia--West Africa, The Beach was a part of her everyday life. Today. she needed to step into The Atlantic Ocean knowing that virtually directly across the waters from Florida lies her home country. She stood there for some time feeling good about having her feet in warm sand again, hearing the waves pounding and thinking about her parents and all those relatives and friends in The Gambia & Senegal across the Atlantic Ocean. Although she missed her native country today, Sohna was like a child again.

The African Queen enjoys doing this every year we visit The Spring Training Home Of Our Washington Nationals.

Yes, today was again Sohna's Day. Baseball returns tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

That's funny about the street name!

I can relate to Sonia's sentiments, because I also miss the beaches of my youth. "My" ocean is on the other side of the continent, though.

DND said...

It's nice to hear the personal stories as well as the reports about our Nats. We enjoyed meeting you at spring training and glad we could help with the picture in front of the shuttle at the stadium. Thanks for the great work.

Anonymous said...

Sohna, rather. Apologies for the misspelling.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, Ralph Lauren must love you guys, you seem to keep them in business!!!

Anonymous said...

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