Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dr. Shaffer--Gone

Looking through emails tonight (still on the campaign beat), Our Washington Nationals sent out a team press release announcing Dr. Benjamin Shaffer, Washington's Medical Director and Team Orthopedist has resigned.

Interestingly, Dr. Shaffer is just beginning his 10th Season with The Washington Capitals as Head Physician.

Not much of a surprise to me, this decision, considering the delays that have taken place over the past few seasons in quickly determining injuries for Our Players. Team President Stan Kasten told Sohna and I in late August that he was concerned about this ongoing issue, as well, and would be asking the same questions this off season.

Obviously, some answers were found and a determination was made by Our Washington Nationals. Curious to see what the next step might be? Washington has already fired their Strength and Conditioning Coach. Have Our Trainers past the muster?

Here is the complete Team Press Release

The Washington Nationals today announced that Dr. Ben Shaffer, Nationals Medical Director and Team Orthopedist,has resigned his position as team doctor.“I appreciate the opportunity afforded me to provide care to the Nationals players and organization the last three years,” said Dr. Shaffer. “From a time standpoint, this responsibility has required an enormous commitment and I have decided to focus my energies on my family, my practice and the other professional teams I work closely with.”Nationals Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Bowden responded, “I know I speak for the entire organization in recognizing Dr. Shaffer’s invaluable contributions to our players’welfare and his orthopedic expertise. His departure is a real loss for our organization.”

By the way--sorry for the delay is posts of late--Presidential Campaign Trail, Financial Crisis, World Bank & IMF Joint Meetings and Canadian Election (Canada is choosing their Prime Minister today--October 14th). Honestly, there has just been little free time for us.



Anonymous said...

Are you worried about the Nationals? I am. Lots of people are dropping their season plans (bad team + bad economy) and the only news is bad news.

I'm worried the Lerners are in over their heads and we have a rough road ahead for the next 3-5 years.

What's your prediction for full season equivalents. I don't see the team breaking 10,000, sadly. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm very pessimistic right now.

Who can provide a ray of hope?

g money said...

Dr Ben Shaffer is considered the finest orthopedic surgeon in the DC area. Are you suggesting that the desision to leave the the nats was not his own ? He left on his on terms. Trust me. They were lucky to have him . He was the only all-star on the team.

Ask the players. The nats players like him and the caps players love him.

A loss for the nats...

Anonymous said...

Besides being considered the finest orthopedic surgeon in the area Dr Shaffer has the best network of expert specialist in the DC area.
I've seen this up close in the Doctors he's sent Mike to see after getting hit in the face. The players will miss Dr Shaffer.