Sunday, October 26, 2008

And He Didn't Finish Last

According to The Marine Corps Marathon Official Website, (Search Race Bib #28796) "TEDDY" finished in 17,917th Place in The 33rd Running of The Marine Corps Marathon. 18,261 Runners Finished Today's Historic Race. Out of 11,120 Male Runners, Teddy Finished in 10,940th Place.

Any way you look at it, he did surprisingly well.

And Thanks to Our Good Friend, Janet Wamsley, there are pictures to prove it. "Teddy" running Sunday Morning through Arlington, Virginia and The District of Columbia. I know it's hard to believe, but "Teddy" DIDN'T Finish Last. I am expecting some more pictures from some other friends, I could not attend the event as I am back out on The Presidential Campaign, but when I receive them, I will certainly post them up.

So Officially, "Teddy"-Did-Go-All-The-Way!!

Way To Go "Teddy"!!

Many, Many Thanks To Janet Wamsley for sharing her nice pictures of "Teddy" running The 33rd Marine Corps Marathon. Janet, your effort is very much appreciated by Sohna and I.


CALSGR8 said...

Yay Teddy! I would have thought he'd use a segway or something.

By the way, I took a tour of NATS PARK. They showed me where Screeches Best Friend sits. Great Seats!

asnowballschance said...

Woohoo Teddy! Way to build up the leg strength! Can we expect win #1 in 09?

Anonymous said...

Atta boy, Teddy! Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

I demand to know who actually ran 26.2 miles with that hot heavy costume on him. That is an elite athlete.

Or were there costume changes somewhere?

WFY said...

This is one thing the Nats know how to market -- other stuff needs work.