Friday, October 24, 2008


We have Internet service problems in our neighborhood right now. Sohna and I are actually surfing the web on DIAL-UP. I can't tell you how ancient it seems. Hopefully, this will be solved by the weekend. We can only hope!! In the meantime our access is a little slow right now.

I was told he will run the entire race--all 26.2 Miles of it.

So, while Our Washington Nationals were announcing their new Coaching Staff for 2009, I found myself at The Capitol Hill Hyatt on New Jersey Avenue, NW trying to coach some sense into "Teddy". You see, as was reported yesterday, Our Lovable Loser is posting up for The 33rd Running of The Marine Corp Marathon this Sunday and "Teddy" was on hand at today's Press Conference to help hype the event.

But as we all have come to learn, understanding the concept of "RACING" has not exactly been "Teddy's" Forte.

Of course that has never waned his popularity. "Teddy" showed up with his Secret Service Protection in tow this morning and immediately set off to the podium and the microphone for the obligatory Photo Op. What A Politician!! They Never Forget What's Important. A few "Bully, Bullies" later, Our Lovable Loser and I got together for a little strategy session. Yes, it was time to find out if "Teddy" Gets It.

First--We Did A Little Stretching
Followed by an in-depth conversation about The Concept Of A Race. How Teddy should run "The People's Marathon" on October 26th. For a while it looked like he understood and was getting into the possibilities.

Unfortunately, once the lessons were complete--it was clear--"Teddy" had no idea what I was talking about.

What a surprise.

That being said--"Teddy" was pumped when he received his Race Number for The Marine Corp Marathon--Number 28796--from "Miles"--The Marine Corp Marathon Mascot.

So, the big question tonight? Will "Teddy" Go-All-The-Way, or will #28796 Fail To Cross The Finish Line after 26.2 Miles this coming Sunday, October 26th for The 33rd Running of The Marine Corp Marathon. I tried to "Coach 'Em Up", but it's hard to say whether "Teddy" will ever get it?

PS--What If He Won?

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Good luck with the fix for your Internet woes. I recall how slo-o-o-owly things went when we were on dial-up.