Friday, October 17, 2008

Coming Back After Nearly Being Pronounced Dead

Was there anyone left at Fenway Park, or throughout most of America watching on television tonight, who had not all but buried The Boston Red Sox while putting The Tampa Bay Rays in The 2008 World Series? The Rays were solidly up 7-0 with just nine outs to go--and couldn't close the door on their very first American League Pennant.

What a comeback by The Red Sox!! What a collapse by The Rays!! As much as I want Tampa Bay to win--you have to give Boston HUGE CREDIT and you also have to worry about The Rays. Carrying such a big lead--late--in a Championship Clinching Game--you just can't lose that lead, and that game, in a such a devastating way.

Boston's dramatic come from behind, bottom of the 9th 8-7 Win is a Momentum Changer--even if both teams must now head back to St. Petersburg for Game Six.

Opportunity was lost by The Tampa Bay Rays and The Nearly Pronounced Dead Boston Red Sox now live to play another day in 2008. Baseball once again showing tonight why it's The Greatest Game. You never know what's going to happen and you should never leave early.

What an amazing final three innings. Incredible Turnaround. One that needs to be savored for its magnitude.

If Boston comes back to take This Series--Baseball Lore was written tonight.

Unbelievable really. A Tremendous Game.

Tonight's InGame Photo (AP) Chris O'Meara

PS--When Boston came back to tie and eventually score the winning runs, the TV Pictures of Fans jumping up and down High Above from The Green Monster Seats and Right Field Roof Pavilion had to make you wonder whether someone was going to fall off in joy. The Celebration was wild and understandably out of control. That sight was even better than The Red Sox Dancing on the field. Good Television because the scene playing out was one of those unexpected thrills. A Moment In Time to Relish. Great Stuff.


SenatorNat said...

Ah - the curse of the Buddy Holly may be rearing its ugly head for the Rays. It was only a matter of time - it is tempting fate enough to dis the Devil. But, then, for the manager to dis the protagonist of the fabled song Bye Bye American Pie by wearing his eyegear, is going too far...

Trust in Big Poppy. And the Big Bopper. All Clutch.

Anonymous said...

Great game, but I have a beef with Bud. How can the greatest game ever played get done in 2 hours and 28 minutes (Giants win the pennant! Giants win the pennant! Giants win the pennant!) and this one goes a snappy 4:08? Please Bud, please! Move it along.

Anonymous said...


Sad news -- former Senator Sid Hudson, one of Mickey Vernon's best friends, died October 10th at his home in Waco, Texas. Hudson is one of the finest people I ever met. He was a true gentleman and a Washington baseball institution that no one knows about, sadly.

Hudson pitched for the Senators in the 1940s and served in WW II. Later, Washington traded him to the Boston Red Sox and he played with Ted Williams.

In the 1960s, Hudson became the expansion Senators' pitching coach for his old pal Vernon. He served in that role off and on, including 1969-71 for Teddy Ballgame.

The former players for the Senators, to a man, praise Hudson for his kindness, knowledge, friendliness and grace. A man of class and faith, he coached for years after his stint with the Senators, mainly in Texas for the Rangers and Baylor University.

Another wonderful Senator and wonderful man has left us. I'd love it if you could honor him on your blog with a story and picture.

I have a scanned photo I can send if you like.

Sigh, another Senator gone - Vernon, Hudson, Brinkman...

Anonymous said...

In reply to 6th and D, faster games in the postseason just ain't gonna happen. I don't think Bud really cares about the length of the game. He does care about making sure he gets top dollar for the extra minute of commercial air-time available between innings. Even a pitching duel would probably close in on 3 hours because of all wasted ad time between innings.