Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blue Jays Had 4 Catchers Last Year

According to a story dated June 12th, 2007--The Toronto Blue Jays carried four catchers for a period of time on their active roster last season. One of whom--Jason Phillips--believed this was the first time in his memory a Major League Team had done so. At this link

So, Our Washington Nationals did not set a new record yesterday by carrying Jesus Flores, Wil Nieves, Paul LoDuca and Johnny Estrada on their 25 Man Active Roster.

I just can't imagine this oddity also not happening at some point in Big League History beforehand.


Unknown said...

The difference is-the Blue Jays are an AL team and could start 2 every night between C and DH (and theoretically 3, since two of the catchers could play 1B). The Nats can start 2 per night at the most, since 3 of the 4 can't play any other positions.

paul said...

Did the Blue Jays carry two catchers, like LoDuca and Estrada, who make their teammates worse? And whose skills are fading? And who don't really know their pitchers?

Just wondering.