Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Makes No Sense

"I don't think he's coming back 100 percent ready to go. It might take him a while to get the bat going, but he's such a great player." Quote from Our General Manager Jim Bowden.

So, why are we taking a chance with Our Franchise Player? That makes no sense. Of course it would help if the quote was related in context to how JimBo was responding to the question--because you don't get any real impression what exactly Our GM is talking about, since the quote is thrown in at the very end of this story.

But, if he's not ready physically, he's not ready. Does it do anyone, any good, to send out a 23 Year Old Talented Performer in a down season--when you have little to play for the remainder of this year?

Ryan Zimmerman wants to play. He's never been injured in his life, seriously. So, he may not understand the ramifications.

Others should. This is not a crap shoot.

Our Number 11 should have been sat down, for the season, a while ago.

There is no good reason to take a chance of harming Ryan Zimmerman's Future.

Sorry, after reading that comment, activating the "Z-Man" for tonight's games in San Francisco makes no sense to me.

None whatsoever.


Jim H said...

I expect we'll see a game or two, after which it will be revealed Ryan needs season ending surgery.

He'll return full strength, though.

In spring training.


Chris Needham said...

The thinking is that there's a decent chance he could need surgery anyway, so let's test the arm/shoulder out first.

If it holds, great. He's good to go.

If he continues to have problems, we shut him down for the year.

But you don't do surgery unless you absolutely have to, and they don't know until they try.

Yes, ultimately, he's probably going to have to go in for some repairs, but if there's a 5% chance that they don't have to open him up, there's probably not much of a harm.

SenatorNat said...

I think Bow-Bow means that his bat will be rusty: they keep pointing to one play he make diving to his left in his rehab as proof that the shoulder is sound - they do this wishful thinking all the time based on one pitching outing; one at bat; one play in the field; one game. Reminds me of the Redskins brass and some of their (our) more diehard fans. Takes more than one point to draw a line...

Z-Man probably will play O.K. through this season; and then it will be determined he needs repair, which shall push him back to returning sometime after the All-Star Break in 2009... This may push the contract resolution back one year by both parties, too, and some bad blood may begin to creep into the relationship in the meantime. Especially so, if upon reflection, he feels that he was pushed back into play in 2008 to keep ticket sales up to projections.

Trust in the Curse of the Missing Iconic Baseball. All mystical.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Chris: I understand that point and agree with it. But, if the team is actually stating they feel Zimmerman is not 100% and he is still hurting--then is not the team possibly making a bad situation worse--by putting him out there, crossing their fingers, everything will be OK? That's the point I don't understand. If Zimmerman is pain free and has full movement right now--go for it. But, he apparently doesn't. That is what makes no sense to me.

Anonymous said...

SBF - Ryan himself said the pain is gone although you kind of wish they let him rest a little longer before the Minor League assignment. I think the comments about 100% is strictly the rust from not playing at the MLB level.

The glass is 1/2 full. I am trying to stay optimistic as Ryan had 2nd and 3rd opinions from the best orthopedics and everyone including Ryan feels good about it.

I spoke to Ryan on July 10th before the DBacks game and he said the shoulder felt good. Having personally gone through a labrum tear, I asked Ryan if he had his shoulder pop out which he said it didn't. That sounded like a good sign and hopefully it was what it really was to begin with a "small" tear that healed on its own and the requisite shoulder strengthening will keep this from having a re-occurence which would require much downtime and surgery.

Here's a great website to do some research: http://www.orthogate.org/patient-education/shoulder/labral-tears.html

With that said, I am not a Doctor, but after spending time with my orthopedic doctor a few years ago it was apparent that the labral tears in the old days were called rotator cuff problems and most never received surgery so these are nothing new just new technology and different treatments and terminology.

As was pointed out on another website, luckily this wasn't his throwing shoulder which would be a different situation especially if he was a pitcher.

An Briosca Mor said...

What in Bowden's comment says that Zimmerman is not pain free now? It just says that he's not 100% ready to go from a batting perspective. Having not really played for eight weeks, that makes sense. He's gotta be rusty. He'll not find out if he can play pain-free for any extended time, though, until he tries it. He's trying it now, he'll find out if he can go long-term or not, and if he can't he'll get surgery. Makes sense to me. If you shut him down for the season now as a precaution even if he has no pain when not playing, then you're just delaying finding out whether or not he can play without pain. I would agree with what Chris said on this one.

JayB said...

I think what is needed here is some accurate information, something we never get from this team.

Likely what SBF worried about is the trend we have seen so many times. Chad, Hill, Chico, Pena are just the most recent examples of players who "were hurt then recovered, then done for the year, Now add in the likes of Zim, Dukes and Milledge being done for the year and not ready next year and it gets dam scary to be a National player and a Nats fan.

But hey just read Stan and Jimbo's latest comments. All is going as planned and all is good.

Anonymous said...

Wow-SBF calling out a member of Nats management on his blog?

Excuse me, i think i need to sit down...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to expound on your post title, what DOES make sense with this franchise?

Anonymous said...

JayB said...
I think what is needed here is some accurate information, something we never get from this team.

Chad, Hill, Chico, Pena are just the most recent examples of players who "were hurt then recovered, then done for the year, Now add in the likes of Zim, Dukes and Milledge being done for the year and not ready next year and it gets dam scary to be a National player and a Nats fan.

Jay - Can you enlighten me on what happened this season to Wily Mo Pena before the recent shoulder injury? I didn't recall a previous shoulder injury this year although his power (lack of) told you something was wrong.

Looks like Milledge will be back soon and possibly Dukes in September so not sure if I have wrong info or not concerning them.

The Chad situation was bad as was the ongoing Hill problem and throw in John Patterson's ongoing problem which finally ended his tenure here and the ongoing drama of Nick Johnson.

Here is this weeks conversation between Bill Ladson and Kasten:
MLB.com: During your 30-plus years in baseball, have you seen so many injuries to a team in one season like the Nationals? If so, when?

Kasten: Someone showed me some stats last week demonstrating that our injuries [to the everyday players] are not just the worst in baseball this year, but rank among the worst for any team in [the last 20 years].

My question to Stan ---how are you going to fix the injury problem????

Anonymous said...

i know its off topic, but in light of recent events....who will be the nats new closer now that rauch has been sent to arizona?

JayB said...

WMP was out most of SP and early April with pulled muscles in his abdomen if I recall correctly. Prior to this injury we read several reports of him completely over swinging in BP but crushing the ball. If they are related I blame Lenny Harris for letting him get carried away in ST BP.

Dukes also was hurt in ST and Then again on opening day....leg as I recall.

Milledge may well be back soon....or then again......I think that is what we all keep wondering about his team's medical track record.

Anonymous said...

And I thought Kasten & Bowden were "the face of this franchise"

Anonymous said...

I would agree there is no reason to push zimm... we need him for next season and given the way this season has gone... he could sit for a bit. Although he seems to say he is ok to go...http://comcastsportsnet.tv/common/global_flash/player/spe.swf?flv=vidcast_1317&sid=102&d=comcastsportsnet.tv