Friday, July 18, 2008

As Of August 1st

BTW--I have been on the West Coast all week thanks to real business considerations. Thankfully, The All Star Break, as planned, provided some cushion.

As Of August 1st:

I don't want to see Johnny Estrada playing for Our Washington Nationals.

Same for Paul LoDuca. These two players have NO FUTURE with Our Washington Nationals. None.

As of August 1st, I don't want to see the silly lineup fielded tonight by Our Manager Manny Acta.

This evening's order had little chance of success. Yeah, they fought back, but still it was not enough to defeat The Atlanta Braves in an eventual 7-6 loss.

And Yes, I fully understand, Injuries have assisted to hamper Our Season. But, why so many veterans in the lineup, when this season is all about next year--and beyond?

If Washington is going to trade some of these veterans by July 31st and are looking to showcase them--Fine.

But, I am telling you--As Of August 1st--nothing like the starting lineup at Turner Field this evening is acceptable.

I want to see Our Future. I don't want to see aging Vets trying to extend Their Future.

I want to see Tyler Clippard, Garrett Mock, Collin Balester, Jason Bergmann, John Lannan as starters on the mound. Maybe Jordan Zimmermann.

I want to see Jesus Flores behind the plate--unless the Number 23 catching has the name tag Schneider on the back of his jersey--Not Estrada. What a waste.

I want to see players looking to FIND THEMSELVES in the Big Leagues.

If Larry Broadway has ANY CHANCE of playing for Our Washington Nationals--give him a shot. Just like the released Alex Escobar--what do we have to lose? Amazingly, I can't think of a single additional Minor Leaguer in Our System that might be even close to ready for everyday play in The Major Leagues. Not one.

Now realizing that I may be the only person in Washington with faith in him, but Ryan Langerhans is a better player than shown so far. A fine fielder with some ability to stroke a nice blow every now and then. We have NO ONE ELSE available--find out if Our Number 29 can play and be a part of Our Future.

And after August 1st, I want to find out--soon--whether Ryan Zimmerman is ready to go 100%. No fooling around with Our Franchise Player. If he's injured--lets sit him down for the rest of the season. Get the surgery needed to get Our Number 11 ready for 2009. If he's so valuable, there is NO MESSING AROUND WITH THIS YOUNG MAN. Same holds true for Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes. All three comprise Our Future--no reason to mess with their physical abilities.

Honestly, what does it matter? If we are building for the future--let's go for The Number One Draft Pick in 2009. If success is found in Washington from a lost season, a few years from now, everyone will forget the poor year 2008 is turning out to be.

As of August 1st--let's put OUR FUTURE ON THE FIELD. I can cheer for that--no matter how badly we may play.

As always, I mean it.

Let Go Nats!!

Game Notes & Highlights

Tim Redding throws way too many pitches to record the required outs. Tonight, 88 pitches to get through just four innings. He was not effective. It was odd seeing Jason Bergmann in a reliever role. Manny should consider using starters on "work days" between starts more often--especially when a game might be on the line. This might have been the only time Charlie Manning has successfully completed two full innings of relief without being scored upon. This situational lefty has been lit up by right handers during his short stint in The Majors.

Yeah, I know, LoDuca knocked in two runs tonight. But that doesn't mean he is worth keeping.

And finally, Atlanta Closer Mike Gonzalez was in trouble in the top of the 9th. The winning runs were on the bases with Austin Kearns at the plate. What does Our Number 25 do? He swings at the very first offering from Gonzalez and lines out to Jeff Francouer in right. Sorry, you just have to be more patient Austin--with the game on the line. Gonzalez didn't have it.

Tonight's InGame Photo--(AP) John Bazemore


Chris Needham said...

Patience is nice, but he DID hit a line drive. It's not like it was a weak grounder or popped it up. He saw something he liked, something he could drive, and he did. It just went into someone's glove. Sometimes that happens.

Anonymous said...

Wow you a such a whiner, I thought you were one of those koolaid drinkers who had faith that that plan would work etc etc...well Lo Duca and Estrada are part of the plan, letting youngsters like Jordan Zimmermann develop for 3-5 years in the minors is also part of the plan!

Unknown said...

Nice post tonight, SBF. I pretty much agree with you across the board, but especially about Lo Duca tonight. One night doesn't (or at least shouldn't) buy a player any more than one more day. There's too many guys getting 3 hits in one game and that gives them another shot for a week. No more of that.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone here doesn't know who is the hype for the #1 pick next year, it's Stephen Strasburg.

Anonymous said...

Show casing Vets.......Nats are so out of touch with the real world!

Lo Duca, Estrada, could not give them away. Just cut them and admit our GM is one of the worst in all of baseball.

Jimbo is just lucky Ted L still has a man crush on him......wait till Lerner sees the Season Ticket numbers this fall!

Anonymous said...

SBF said, "I don't want to see Johnny Estrada playing for Our Washington Nationals.

Same for Paul LoDuca. These two players have NO FUTURE with Our Washington Nationals. None.

As of August 1st, I don't want to see the silly lineup fielded tonight by Our Manager Manny Acta."

They sure aren't listening to you and me or anybody else in National's Nation who have asked for LoDuca and Estrada to be part of the past and not part of the present. Both contracts are up at the end of the season anyway. The LoDuca at 1st is worse than the LoDuca at LF. LoDuca and Estrada rarely throw out base runners and certainly aren't an upgrade at Catcher so WHY??????

None of the contenders in the MLB want them so don't parade them like a prized stud!

All starting position players got hits last night except Estrada.

LoDuca left 4 on base although was 1-5 w/ a clutch hit but unfortunately couldn't deliver twice.

Big bright spot was our Pinch Hitters!!! Flores again comes through with a SF and Orr and FLop both had pinch hits!!!!!

Tim Hudson was vulnerable last night and we couldn't deliver the KnockOut punch and as our luck goes this happens on a night when Redding didn't look sharp so another one in the L column.

BTW, let Manny try to keep Manning out there again for 2 full innings and I doubt the results will be as good as last night. Manning has been effective when used in statistical pairings and I would hate to see a repeat of some of his earlier outings. He has his confidence going and would hate to see him knocked around again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
In case anyone here doesn't know who is the hype for the #1 pick next year, it's Stephen Strasburg.

Here is an excerpt from the article...

With his smooth, natural delivery on display Wednesday night, Strasburg did not strike Watson as another young pitcher throwing too hard for his own good. Strasburg’s coaches realize that, too, and they have warned him about the wave of attention heading his way — from the news media, scouts and prospective agents. The agent Scott Boras has already been in touch, Strasburg said.

That name Scott Boras sends shivers up GM's spines so let's hope Strasburg stays away from him as I doubt the Nationals take him if Boras lips are attached to him.

Anonymous said...

Teams don't need to showcase veterans much anymore-thanks to video and other things. Plus, no contending team who would want LoDuca needs a leftfielder or first baseman. That's just an excuse.

Steve Shoup said...

I have no problem with you being a bit critical of Johnny Estrada, but if you are going to be critical of him then at least be fair and don't say you want Brian ".202 RISP" Schnieder back behind the plate. That was a great trade getting Milledge for him and Church. and just think we could afford 4 Johnny Estrada's for what the Mets are paying Schnieder.

Also no matter how much video or tv coverage there is, teams still want to see a player they are going to trade for in person, so you were completely right to talk about showcasing the vets. TV coverage doesn't show players in the field, or warm-up pitches among other things that are important to scouts.

Anonymous said...

And what would be the consequence of the Nats ignoring some or all of these requests?

They seem to do the "unacceptable" whenever they feel like it.

Estrada is going to be paid $1 M for the entire season, and I don't think that the Lerners are going to pay somebody else to take his roster spot unless they don't have to pay him for it as well.

So, when they can't trade him and don't cut him by 8/1, how do you show the Nats that they have done another unacceptable thing?