Monday, September 03, 2007

FLop--Buddy--People Are Watching

Buried inside Barry Svrluga's story of "The Guz" possibly returning to play in September, I found it interesting to read in Nationals Journal, that FLop has his detractors within Our Washington Nationals Organization. Apparently, it's not just Our Fans, Or Me that have been disgusted with his erratic play and attitude. Felipe Lopez has a fine arm and talent. He just doesn't seem to be able to use it effectively.

Curious to see how this plays out over the winter.

Come On FLop!!


Bang the Drum Natly said...

Howdy, SBF - I noticed the same thing in a few of Svrluga's latest Journal posts, especially in the comments from quite a few of the regulars there...

Watching the game yesterday I was heartened somewhat by Flop's double in the 9th, where he hustled in a big way to get to second (and actually smiled as he pointed to the dugout!), and then continued to show more emotion than I'd seen in a long time (ain't saying much) as he crossed the plate from Z's GW-RBI, clapping his hands and then immediately turning to join the throng surrounding Z.

Maybe it was the situation that forced it, being part of the catalyst in the game-on-the-line winning moment, but it was good to see at least some emotion. Hopefully it'll continue.

Cheers, and happy baseball!

Anonymous said...

If Bowden has bothered to check, he could have easily learned that FLop had a bad attitude and a reputation for laziness when he was in Cincy. All of that was well known, which was the reason the Reds were so interested in dumping him.

Anonymous said...

So Cincy thought they were getting over on JB before they found out JB thought he was getting over on them with wounded pitchers?

Sounds like a fair deal to me!