Monday, September 24, 2007

Ponder This?

So, Ponder This??--Is that Really SBF with Mr. Met??

My Best Friend Screech!! well knows--whenever my constant travels take me ANYWHERE near a Major League Baseball Stadium, I'm going to visit that ballpark. Never is it a question whether there is something else better to do ANYWHERE. If that Major League City is hosting a game while I am fortunate to be working there--I'm going.

And, Screech knows that I will approach every single one of his Mascot Friends--in EVERY CITY IN AMERICA and ask them if they know SCREEECH!!! And, inform--SBF is Screech's Best Friend. Tonight, was no exception--and the resulting commentary flat out, unexpected, HILARIOUS!!

The last few weeks in September, every year in New York City--is the Opening Fall Session of The United Nations. For over 20 years--one of those weeks has been booked in stone for me--as far as my television news business is concerned. Yes, we are there--when virtually EVERY SINGLE LEADER IN THE WORLD visits The Financial Capital of America. Its quite the site in and around The East Side of Manhattan. Besides--Its NEW YORK!! No, I could never live here--but its a BLAST to come visiting.

During this United Nations Week--The Major League Baseball Season is winding down. On a rotating basis--The New York Yankees and New York Mets alternate playing their six final games. One year--The Yankees finish in NYC. The next--its The Mets. For 20 straight years--I have gone to a baseball game at either Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium--while on assignment in late September in The Big Apple.

Since 2005--it just so happens The Mets have played Our Washington Nationals Twice. Tonight being that second time. And, I was there. Courtesy of a Good Friend--SBF was treated to Diamond Club, Field Box Seats--8 Rows from the field. The position--right behind HOME PLATE!! A Terrific Seat!! You could yell at the players or make comments all you wanted--everyone was going to hear me.

Our Manager Manny Acta--looking at me in total surprise upon realizing that voice--was mine--yelling out. Our Number 14, pointing, gesturing and giving me That Most Charismatic Smile--I love so much. Pleased to see me--Manny shook his head in amazement. A look Our General Manager Jim Bowden also gave--when I, quite by accident--ran into him on The Main Concourse of Shea Stadium. "You Stalking Me!!" I exclaimed. Jim Bowden, laughed, shook his head and greeted me. Surely, I had to be one of the least expected persons he would think possible to see in New York--at that moment. Laughing all way--as he continued on his way. It was a funny encounter.

A happenstance that occurred when I found myself sitting--right next to a rather large contingent of Tony Batista's Family and Friends. His Mother--two seats to my right. His Brother--on my right shoulder. For the entire nine innings we chatted and enjoyed each others company. Yeah, my Spanish is not the greatest--but we understood and communicated well. They were alot of fun. After the conclusion of the ballgame, we all shook hands--strongly.

Which all brings me to Mr. Met. The Baseball Headed Mascot of New York came into Our Club Section early in the game. As he stood, pointed and took pictures--it became apparent--he was going to be heading directly in my direction. As he approached, I asked one of The Batista Family Members if he could please take a photo of Mr. Met and I. He obliged. As Mr. Met greeted me--I said: "I know Screech REALLY WELL!!" Two Thumbs UP the response from Mr. Met. "But, you may not know--many call me Screech's Best Friend," I continued. Mr. Met--totally freezes. Then, slowly shakes his head up and down in understanding. "No," I thought to myself, "he could not possibly know me by SBF?"

In Classic Screech Style!! Mr. Met directed me to POINT with my finger at the camera. The Classic Screech/SBF Shot that we both love so much!! Mr. Met Did Know that I was Screech's Best Friend. After the picture was taken--he patted me on my back, gave two thumbs up and shook my hand--while his head nodded up and down--in recognition.

Wow!! Now that's an unexpected STUNNER!! It didn't matter that I was running on fumes with little sleep over the past three days. Mr. Met had me JACKED--to sit down and watch Our WASHINGTON NATIONAL FLATOUT CRUSH!! The New York Mets.
A 13-4 Laugher that found me chuckling over New Yorkers spewing venom. Not at Our Team--but their very own. Yes, The Mets were getting BLASTED by the hometown folks. A Blistering Tirade that only got worse as the runs mounted on the DC side of the scoreboard. Heckling that got SO BAD--Three Mets Fans were thrown out of their Own Park giving grief to the very significant Washington Minority in attendance. Fools.

Even that "Lets Go Mets!!" chant--so well heard at RFK Stadium over the past three years--was pretty much silent tonight. Just like those notorious Phillies Fans treat their players--never are you good enough. Never are you any better than your last At-Bat, last Pitch, last Fielding Play, or Last Catch in The Big Apple. An unforgiving market--New York. Any player needs to have some serious mental makeup to survive here.

NO--I am not going to relive the play-by-play. This one got out of hand early and was hardly tested. Besides--someday--I am going to have to get a full eight hours of sleep. Of course--my good friend, Iris--has proclaimed. The Very Moment she finds out I am doing so (Getting 8 Hours of Sleep), she is immediately going to call me--just to wake me up!!

Curly "W" Number 70 was an unexpected laughter against a New York team--playing its worst ball--at the most important time of the season. 13 RUNS!!, Against The Mets!! At Shea!! Shutting UP THEIR FANS!! A GREAT NIGHT IN QUEENS!!

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of a Fine Man--while keeping tradition in form--I was able to attend a 20th Consecutive Major League Baseball Game in New York City during the final Weeks of September. And, Mr Met had me pondering--How Exactly Does He Know About Me? Screech and I are going to have to talk. Soon.

PS--Taking the Number 7 Subway Train from Times Square--I jumped on the Express Version at 6:25PM. Walked into Shea at 6:53PM for the 7:05 start. Each and every trip on The New York Subway System is an adventure all its own. But, once you figure it out--its a cherished way to get around NYC. $2 total from Mid-Town to Flushing Meadows at Rush Hour!! And, another $2 Express Number 7 Train, taking me back into Manhattan--at my convenience--after the conclusion of this game.

You Can't Beat That--not in this day and age.


Anonymous said...

SBF, I'm pleased you were able to venture into the Devil's Den and emerge unscathed -- and watch the boys take it to the fumbling Mets! I know you think the Phans are obnoxious, but Mets fans are truly unbearable -- and intolerant. For insight into their sick, disturbingly racist human nature, spend some time on their discussion boards at You'll find regular use of the N-word to describe Willie Randolph, the F-word to describe Reyes and Wright's relationship -- I am not joking. Even Philly fans don't sink to that level, and I'm proud to say that Nats fans never will.

paul said...

Nothing could be finah than a Met fan with angina! Glad it's continuing tonight. The magic number will be 1 in about 40 minutes!