Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You Can Only Laugh About It!!

The Pitching was pretty Awful.

The Hitting was pretty Good.

The Fielding by Flop--pretty Awful too. Amazingly, he's getting worse? What's up--he's becoming a bad joke--to the point that you have to laugh--just to get past the silliness?

The Grand Slam by Justin Maxwell--pretty darn good!! No doubt--Justin DOES LOOK LIKE A BALLPLAYER. Maybe he's learning how to play the professional game, as well. That's a good thing.

When 7 pitchers combine to give up 12 Hits and 13 Runs--you are not going to win.

Even on a night--Our Washington Nationals rapped out 13 hits and scored 8 runs of their own.

And, what's with Mike Jacobs? Has he decided to make his season by just pounding away on Washington for the past four games? 3 Homers--9 RBI!! In fact, Their Number 17 has 5 HOMERS against Our Nats this season.

Really, tonight's 13-8 loss you just have to laugh off. It was a rout, a clobbering, a thrashing or maybe even a whipping. Whatever adjective you wish to describe. But, most of all--it was actually funny. Just one of those odd baseball games that get out of hand. An event where you could rest assured--if The Florida Marlins had to come to bat tonight--with the game winning runs at the plate--in any inning--They were going to win. Whether or not anybody was watching in South Florida, or not--Another Dismal Crowd.

Which begs the question? How many more fans were watching tonight's game on MASN in the comfort of their homes--than actually in Attendance at Dolphin Stadium? I'm picking TV--in a landslide-even more watching TV than the ANNOUNCED OFFICIAL ATTENDANCE. Figures for The Marlins--which are pretty laughable too.

And, that's sad-because The Florida Marlins do have some good individual players.

Like--Hanley Ramirez--He's a STUD!! Although--Ryan Zimmerman still deserved Rookie Of The Year over Hanley in 2006.

And--Okay--enough with Mike Bascik. He's a journeyman. He's had his time in the spotlight--and a BIG ONE AT THAT. Time to put in some youngsters to see what more they can do. Nothing personal. If Our Washington Nationals can do something similar to replace My Main Man!! over Wily Mo Pena and Nook Logan--they can do the same with Bascik. There's just over two weeks left in the season. Give someone else a shot. Its not like we have anything else to lose?

Do We?


Tonight's InGame Photos--(AP) J. Pat Carter

PS--Been up since 3AM working on 9/11 Anniversary Stories. Time to go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Bacsik, SBF. Put him back in the bullpen and find someone else to take his place in the rotation until Redding gets back. When I see that Mike B. is starting, I assume that it will be another one in the loss column.

Anonymous said...

Mike Jacobs has always feasted on Nats' pitching. If I'm not mistaken, in his first major league at-bat, Jacobs hit a homer off Esteban Loaiza in New York. I also remember a mezzanine level HR that brought the Mets back from defeat late in 2005 at RFK. This guy seems to love hitting against our guys.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Jim: Its true--Jacobs has loved batting against Washington. I remember his home run at RFK in late 2005 too. He looked like a promising rookie then. And, still a very talented young player now.

SenatorNat said...

Start Ross Ditweller in place of Mr. 756-giver for rest of season. C'mon, how is this going to hurt anything, or anybody. It will help everything and everybody.

Justin Maxwell's crack of his bat on that grand-slam was like The Natural. What a great-looking kid, articulate, the whole package. Turned down Harvard to be a Terrapin concerns me, but so be it...He looks like a certain former Braves outfielder who was married to that movie star, too.

Start the two kids - one in the field and the other in the starting rotation. C'mon. Aren't we trying to build a bit of excitment for the new park in these Final Days at RFK?

Trust in Kasten. All Good.