Thursday, September 06, 2007

Charlie & Dave

Charlie Slowes has bridged the gap between Major League Baseball's Ownership of Our Washington Nationals and The Lerner Group. Since The Inaugural 2005 Season, Charlie's dramatic play by play radio calls of Washington Games has entertained thousand of fans. And, since the beginning of 2006, Dave Jageler has joined him as broadcast partner. Together they form one of THE VERY BEST radio tandems in Major League Baseball. Really, we are very lucky to have both broadcasting baseball in The Nation's Capital.

Whether describing the action, giving insight, reading the "Out of Town Scoreboard" or just plain hamming it up--Charlie & Dave were born to work together. Slowes the lead Play-By-Play Man, Jageler his steady sidekick and excellent all around performer. No one quite raises his voice level like Charlie can with a game on the line. Many times, I have stated that Dave needs to get that oxygen tank ready for his excitable partner.

And, if you ever heard Charlie & Dave talk about their Engineering Booth Partner, Jack Hick's, affinity for all things Ketchup--while Washington was visiting Pittsburgh this past summer--you would understand how special these two are. With PNC Park just a short distance from Heinz Field (The Home of The Pittsburgh Steelers) The Broadcast Duo got into a flat out hilarious stint, about their friend Jack, salivity at the sight of Heinz Field. And, how during dinner the previous night at a local McCormick & Schmicks (A Nationals Sponsor)--Hick's was happy with every thing on the Menu--as long as he could smother The Red Sauce all over his plate. Really, this was GOLDEN STUFF.

Fun, that only happens when folks enjoy working together. Comfortable and Fluid--good descriptions of Washington Nationals Baseball by Charlie & Dave--over the airwaves.

"Bang!! Zoom!! Goes The Fireworks!!" and "Another Curly "W" in the books"--Signature Calls that anyone in baseball recognizes as phrases for Our Washington Nationals. Bellows, which Charlie Slowes first created. Shouts that most every fan enjoys hearing.

Its not going out on a limb to state, Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler are well respected and liked by Our Fan Base.

But now--there is a possibility both may not return in 2008. Charlie Slowes' and Dave Jageler's contracts are up after this 2007 Season. And, at this point in time--no word on whether negotiations are in the works to retain them. Of course--Our Washington Nationals never discuss business publicly. A Policy I agree with, but it was disheartening to hear Charlie stating he would be "foolish" not to be looking elsewhere for 2008.

Upsetting to a legion of Fans, whom would much rather watch Our Washington Nationals on television--while listening to Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler on the radio. For years now--I have called The Dismissal of Jon Miller, by Peter Angelos, as Play-By-Play Broadcaster of The Baltimore Orioles, "The Curse of Jon Miller". The Orioles have really never won anything, since one of Baseball's FINEST BROADCASTERS was fired--Dumped Unceremoniously.

A Pox that might fall over Our Franchise if Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler are not retained. If this tandem does not return--a HUGE MISTAKE would be made. Charlie soldiered through for Our Washington Nationals--from those very sparse beginnings--as Our Team attempted to right themselves after that difficult move from Montreal. Now, with a positive light at the end of the tunnel--its time to pony up and give Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler what they so rightly deserve. Stability, and The Promise--You are Welcome Here--as long as you want the jobs.

Please Mr. Lerner and Mr. Kasten, Re-sign Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler to new contracts as "The Voices" of Our Washington Nationals. No two broadcasting partners are more deserving. And, No Fans will be more rewarded.

Please, Just Get It Done.


SenatorNat said...

How about Dave preferring lunch at IHOP and Charlie going crazy about it being about pancakes and syrup, i.e., breakfast: very funny routine they are keeping up. They are superb, and do not appear to be drinking on the job as the other Dave, Shea, had to have been.

SBF should have personal meeting with Kasten to retain these guys - they are unique to D.C. I would be so miserable if they were to be set loose - for no reason. I say concentrate on getting rid of Fick and Jimenez and leave the radio team in tact...

Trust in Kasten. All Good.

Anonymous said...

I'm DEFINITELY with you SBF. And I hope the Lerner's are reading. Anything fans can do? Write a letter?


Anonymous said...

Charlie and Dave are really in a league of their own - fantastic, professional broadcasters. It would be worse than losing Jon Miller.

Anonymous said...

Losing Charlie and Dave would be -- well, UNBELIEVABLE!
In my travels, I have heard some of the very best (Harry Kalas, for one) and some of the very worst (no comment) announcers on the planet. Charlie and Dave rank right up there with Harry K. and other "legends." If you need confirmation, just take a radio to a game and listen to Charlie and Dave call the game as you are watching the action. They are dead on. Absolutely flawless!

Regarding senatornat's (hopefully tongue-in-cheek) comment on Dave Shea: Dave may have seemed confused at times, but his confusion was not alcohol related. Unfortunately, Dave was battling cataracts, and toward the end of the 2005 season could barely see -- especially during night games when the glare of the lights made clear vision nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

I think that Charlie and Dave do a great broadcast. My only real complaint, and I've heard others say this, as well, is that they are not particularly good at reminding listeners of the score and the situation during an inning. I usually work until about 8:00 at least one night per week, and there are many times when I get into my car and turn on the game right in the middle of an inning, and I'm practically pulling up in front of my house before I have any idea who's winning and what the score is. It's very frustrating. How difficult can it be, between batters, to simply give 3 seconds of time to repeating the score of the game? That's the only thing that I think these guys could do better. Otherwise, I have no complaints.

Anonymous said...

The Lerner's should keep Charlie and Dave at all costs and send Bob Carpenter packing ASAP! Evertying Charlie and Dave are (entertaining, knowledgable, unbiased), Carpenter is not (boring, useless, biased).

natgnat said...

Lose Charlie and Dave???? Are you kidding? To whom do I write? Where do I picket?

They are with us even at the stadium as we are sitting in 424 wired up to get the REAL info. PULLLEEEEEEEEEEEZ keep these guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Charlie Slowes that said that they brought up Maxwell to protect him from teh Rule V? That seems like a major mistake for someone who is considered to be a "good broadcaster." The real broadcasters dont make mistakes like that. By the way, did Stevie Wonder design that shirt?

Anonymous said...

If Maxwell played in the Dominican Summer League, according to the media guide, and played last year and this year in the minors...then that's 3 years and you would have to add him to the 40 man roster in the off-season to protect him from the Rule 5 draft.

Anonymous said...

No, its 4 years now for a player signed age 19 or older.

new cba

Anonymous said...

But, alas, that information is not correct in the media guide...Maxwell was kept at extended spring training after signing in '05, and his first year of games was '06. So he does not have to be protected until after next year. The mistake was in the team's media guide.

Anonymous said...

Correct on the new rules in the last CBA...a lot of people, in baseball or not, are not totally familiar with all of that yet.

paul said...

Yes, they would be crazy to lose both Charlie and Dave, although I have a feeling Dave will be going network at some point. I think he is going to be a really good one.

For those of us who prefer the radio guys to the TV guys--I can't be alone on this score--breaking up this broadcast team would definitely diminish our enjoyment of the games we can't get to in person. I pray there are no more transplants from Turner Television. (I respect those who worship at Don Sutton's feet; I'm not just one of them.)

Anonymous said...

I grew up 45 minutes from Yankee Stadium and then lived 6 years in Atlanta. In all those years, I made it to maybe 5 games. Since the Nationals came to town, I have been to over 100 games. I attribute that change to two things. #1 was attending opening day in 2005. #2 is Charlie Slowes.

During the first 2 years with no MASN on Comcast, I got hooked on listening to the games on the radio. The way Charlie brought out the excitement was amazing. I never could have imagined it possible, but to this day when I can’t get to RFK, I listen to most games, not watch. If you want a perfect example of why I do this, go back to the 4th of July Walk Off clip from last year. Watch the replay on MASN. Then listen to the radio broadcast. Night and day. How can the guy just talking about the moment paint a better picture than what I saw with my own eyes (both from center field at the game, and later on TV replays)?

Sometimes I complain about roster moves, payroll issues, etc., but they won’t stop me from showing up. I truly feel that if Slowes is not kept on as the Nats broadcaster for years to come, it is one of the few things that could really make me lose faith in the team’s ownership and management. Let’s just hope that the silence coming from the Nats front office is because they are working out just how much they can give these guys to stay.

Anonymous said...

Definitely need to keep them! Indeed, who do we picket??

And, which is which in the picture, SBF?? (I don't think I've ever seen their pictures before -- TOTALLY NOT WHAT I EXPECTED.. Heh.)

What a hoot they are. Going off on the pancakes is priceless. The other day there was something about crepes, too. I cracked up.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Medley: Dave wears glasses, Charlie does not.

jim king said...

Charlie and Dave do a good job, and retaining them would seem the way to go, unless monetary demands or some such thing intervene. Hopefully, Dave and Charlie or their agents aren't negotiating as if they have the Nats over a barrel, since sports announcers are a fairly common commodity. Although a change in voices might require some getting used to, the world wouldn't end if it were to happen.

More importantly, the Nats record in 2008 and beyond will not have anything to do with who their broadcasters are.

Toad Slime said...

Dear Stan, Mark, and Ted,
These two guys are the best announcers south of Baltimore and better than most of those. Keep them both. They have a sense of fun about them and that is important as the summer months drag on.

Josh Gibson The Greatest There Ever Was! said...

Bring Back Charlie Slowes. He is the best in the business. I really enjoy Charlie and Dave. I turn down the TV volume and turn up my 1938 Zenith Telecaster Radio to get the authentic baseball sound. Charlie and Dave make the game a joy to listen to. I remember as a teenager tuning in a fuzzy a.m. station to listen to Charlie broadcast Washington Bullets games. He made the Bullets sound like the Lakers! I loved his calls and missed him very much until his return to Washington. He is a legend and future hall of famer. I do pray that Mr. Kasten and Mr. Lerner do not mess up a once in a franchise opportunity.

Oxhead said...

Without fail, I get goosebumps listening to a replay of Slowes' "Zimmerman does it again!" including the cracking voice. (Played during the intro sequence to every broadcast.) Oh man, how can anyone not be a Nationals fan with Charlie and Dave banging the drum? Believe it or not, I prefer baseball on the radio and I'm more than happy listening to the game on my crappy little portable in my easy chair (with the turned off TV in the next room). And it's largely because of Charlie and Dave. (I agree that their lunch/breakfast schtick is pretty funny.)

I've heard some other broadcasters around the country in 2007 and frankly I don't know how people can listen to such subpar announcers. What ever Charlie and Dave are making, they should be making twice that amount.