Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Racing President Bobbleheads

Nationals.com has put up pictures of the four Racing President Bobbleheads. They are quite nicely done. George Washington is the first giveaway of the series on July 4th against The Chicago Cubs.

Followed by Thomas Jefferson on August 4 verus The St.Louis Cardinals.

Abe Lincoln on August 18th (SBF's Birthday)against The New York Mets.

And, of course Teddy Roosevelt is last (what a surprise) on September 1st versus The San Francisco Giants.

Interestingly, the first three all have Number Runs of 20,000. Teddy though--25,000.

All Very Cool Looking. No doubt. They will be very popular.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't 15,000 the initial number of available bobbleheads?

If yes, kudos to Kasten/Lerner for the increase.

Yes, I'm happy - for now ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is that Thomas Jeffesron or Ray Knight?