Friday, June 29, 2007

Negotiating In The Media

Riding to work on Metro this morning--I was perusing through The Examiner Newspaper and came across Our General Manager Jim Bowden's weekly column that is ghostwritten for him by a staff writer. For the most part, I find most of the columns rather unnewsworthy, just a sounding board for Bowden to stick home a point on some Baseball Topic that has been discussed at length--elsewhere.

But, today's was a real doozie. Because, for the first time since The Lerner Group took over and Stan Kasten became Team President--someone in Management was Openly Discussing A Behind the Scenes Move--while that effort was still ongoing. Our Washington Nationals have been fairly silent on just about ANYTHING that occurs with this Franchise. No News, or Little News, is the way of life with Our Nats. Nothing released until the final decisions have been made.

Today's article was about ranting. A cry for Public Support negotiating with the 49th Pick in the recent 2007 draft, Michael Burgess. Its quite surprising in nature. Has, in just a short period of time, compromise on a contract so far from fruition, that Openly Discussing this topic, in the Media, will help Washington's cause?

The Article itself, is a good read, and gives some nice glimpses into what goes on and the details of any effort--to sign a young player. I understand any Family's Hesitation. Sometimes you just don't know whether you are making the right decision or not.

Those dollars thrown out at you by Professional Teams are, most likely, the highest amount of money you had ever dreamed of receiving at one time. The Pressure from your peers to just take that first offer must be overwhelming at times. Honestly, I hope Michael Burgess does what his best "GUT FEELING" is. Many times your "GUT FEELING" is the Best Feeling--it leaves you Confident and Clear.

Still--Today's Jim Bowden Article in The Examiner is very surprising. Really, I didn't expect to hear ANYTHING, about any negotiations with any Draft Picks, until they were signed or not. Are Our Washington Nationals changing a Policy of "Silence Is Golden"? Is this a Preemptive Strike to make sure Washington Doesn't Look Bad, if Burgess doesn't sign? Is this an effort to pressure The Burgess Family? Or, has Jimbo talked out of turn? So many unanswered questions come out of this unexpected story.

Whatever the reasons--the information revealed today, I found extremely interesting and timely. And, it makes me more interested than ever, to follow how well Our Washington Nationals do over the next few months in signing ALL THEIR TOP PROSPECTS.

PS--What do you think Austin Kearns is thinking now that Our Washington Nationals have put together a Number "25" Jersey with Burgess's Name on the back?


An Briosca Mor said...
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JayB said...

Thanks for the kind words ABM.

Clearly the Nats must sign these guys and do it now because of the position THEY (NATS) PUT THEMSELVES IN for 2007.

Jimbo understands that....not because of me clearly...yet you seem at a loss still.

NFA has a good link to what others in MLB think of the Nats draft....Only great if the sign them all including McGeary. Yup just like the Tigers....

Anonymous said...

Problem with holding out or playing hardball with JB is he never forgets and once the kid signs JB controls his future for the next seven years.

Anonymous said...

It was a funny story...I could have told you he eats Lucky Charms.

Does anyone think this article would have been published if something wasn't close or done though??