Sunday, June 03, 2007

Changing Planes

That was one FABULOUS HOME RUN TODAY FROM RYAN ZIMMERMAN!! Our Washington Nationals better painted that location the ball hit. Not One Minute after "Z" powered out that SHOT--Team President Stan Kasten even stopped by to celebrate that Smash for a brief moment.


Brandon said...

If the Nats were going to the new ballpark, it would de. be pained. It was a monster shot indeed
btw- could i get a link to my site from your page

SenatorNat said...

D. Young is a great hitter and a super guy to have on the Nats - but he cannot bend down far enough to pick a routine one-hopper from Z-Man, who got another throwing error to go with about 8 others thus far this year; and the smash past him could have at least been knocked down, preventing a double.

Alas, no Nick Johnson, and the sophomore jinx which will naturally occur to a budding great like Z-Man, coupled with the likes of Willie Mays Hayes in center (aka, Nook Login), and NO ONE wanting to crash into each other a la Kearns-Johnson last season in NY - and you have some faulty fielding, which costs games...Belliard has to start at first, with Young a PH. Too risky otherwise. And Langerhans has to start in Center, with Logan put up to bunt for pitchers and PR only...

Finally, Lavelle actually settled down Saturday night, which is a good sign. Still think he can fill in as temporary starter - 5th game is a charm!

Trust in Kasten. All Good.

Anonymous said...

Z_Man is paying the price for having a DH at 1B.
He will be back to normal when NJ is back (and healthy).

NatsNation said...

Looked for you at last night's game and met African Queen for a handshake. Too bad you were not there.