Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stuck In NYC

Sorry to report that I have been delayed in New York City on an assignment. When the Stock Market Crashed this afternoon, I knew full and well that I would not have time to complete my post for this night. I am sorry if I disappointed anyone. But, business calls, Television News pays my bills; and my Washington Nationals Season Tickets, so I had to comply. Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending extra nights in one of the most exciting cities in this world, NYC. Just a GREAT TOWN! No doubt, never a dull moment here!! I LOVE NEW YORK!!


Say Hey Klib said...

As someone who grew up rooting for the Red Sox (whom I still cheer for in addition to the Nats)I have to say I love New York.... It's the Yankees I hate!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with say hey klib. NYC is awesome, but I HATE their sports teams--all of them!