Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Everyone knows THIS FACE.

So, you better get use to THIS FACE.

Chris Snelling apparently worships Yoda, The Star Wars Figure. Not because he is a fan of the Movie Series, but "because I like how he thinks. I like how he talks. Yoda's got a good thing going," he told me. And, he was serious.

HONESTLY--HE TOLD ME THIS!! Personally. Chris Snelling shot way up to the top of my favorite Nats Lists on that one.

"Yoda"-MY MAN. Chris Snelling, your NickName is SET IN STONE!!

Section 320 just got a whole lot better!!!

That info is just so good, you would think it could not be true. BUT, IT IS TRUE!! Just FANTASTIC!!


Basil said...

Yep. It's true. (And really, it's okay for Snelling to admit he likes Star Wars!)

Seattle fans liked to call him "Doyle" (his middle name) to drive away the injury plague.

Cool stuff from down in Viera, SBF! I'm enjoying this.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Basil: I have no problem with his love of Star Wars. In two days of talking with this guy, you just have got to love him. He's different, and likes being so. Nothing wrong with that. We also got into a long conversation over his Well-Used Glove that I posted about yesterday. He doesn't want to give it up, he's worried baseball will make him change it. And, he's the type of guy that would QUIT, if he couldn't do something his way. He is UNIQUE!! Just perfect for a fan to follow.

Basil said...

SBF: I'm a tremendous Star Wars dork. That's why I say he should love the Galaxy Far, Far Away with pride! ;-)

Anonymous said...

While the 'Yoda' thing is great, hardcore Snelling fans call him 'Doyle.' It even got on the ticker on TV once. He was pretty much all I had left to root for on the Mariners, so take care of him, Nats fans.

Anonymous said...

He was truly a Mariners favorite.
If he doesn't make the team (and it looks like he might not, despite proving to be one of the best bats in spring training), give him back!