Friday, February 23, 2007

Quote of The Day--2/22/07

Washington Nationals Team President Stan Kasten upon seeing me yesterday morning, before I was given a Credential for the day: "I have been monitoring what you have been doing. Everyone within our organization has said the same thing to me. We can't figure it out. HOW SOMEONE WITH NO ACCESS, SEEMS TO HAVE TOTAL ACCESS!! You are posting about everything down here!

"I am very creative," I responded.

"No Doubt, No doubt," replied Mr. Kasten, laughing and patting my shoulder. "Why do we even have reporters. You can do it all."


Anonymous said...


What happened to your other contributors? Not that you don't do the lion's share of the posts, but did those other guys change sections?

Screech's Best Friend said...

The other contributors are still around, they tend to just comment now. Blogger also changed to a New Version about two weeks ago and everyone had to re-up their log-ins to post a story. Only SayHeyKlib and I have done so. Thanks.

Say Hey Klib said...

I generally bow to SBF's passion for the blog. Although I will be going to a NATS Spring Training game on March 3rd, my post probably will not be with the eloquence of SBF.

Bang the Drum Natly said...

I'm back, after lazing around about updating the profile for the new Blogger system.

I also echo sey hey's comments about the blog postings, I figure I'll post if I am experiencing something Nats-wise on the road, otherwise, I am just digging reading SBF's amazing works along with the rest of you.

I also figure I'll be contributing to the 320 cause in other ways, most definitely during the games, to the coexisting delight and annoyance to all those around me! ;)