Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Pile Of Garbage?

Perusing through various websites looking what outside The Beltway news sources might be writing about Our Washington Nationals, I came across this article at

The article claims, unequivocally, The Nationals will be "THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL" in 2007. If someone wants to make that prediction--fine. I don't necessarily agree with that assessment. Its their opinion though.

But, to claim our pitching is "A PILE OF GARBAGE" is way out of line. Certainly, our starting pitching is suspect, after John Patterson. However, we are a rebuilding team, with some talent on the mound. And, every single season, one player or two, steps up--pitchers you were not expecting much out of when the season began. For many young and well traveled throwers, 2007 may be the very best opportunity they have ever had to make the Big Leagues a career. I find all of that interesting and worth seeing play out, starting February 13 in Viera, Florida. Besides--Our Nationals might have one of the strongest bullpens in the game. If we can get to the 6th inning, Washington will have a chance.

I always look at the glass half full, never half empty. Although the Sportline author believes otherwise, there is no way, Our Washington Nationals will be worse than The Kansas City Royals. No Way. That thought just makes me shudder.

Also, I take great exception to another article in the Detroit News which states Our Nationals are a franchise "FADING FAST". What is this guy looking at, claiming The Nationals are doing "NOTHING"? An uninformed report like this is typical of many sports reporters claiming expertise in areas they know nothing about. I can guarantee this author has never thoroughly looked at the transformation occurring with The Nationals, on virtually a daily basis, since MLB turned over ownership to The Lerner Group. I read better educated, well thought out pieces each and every day in the various Nationals Blogs.

Being in Broadcast Journalism, for over 25 years, it always bothers me to see and read uninformed crap like this, from supposed PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST.


Anonymous said...

Dear SBF,

I had also read that article. I just look forward to the Nats making guys like that eat their words when the Nats aren't the complete disaster that they predict they'll be. Regarding his reference to RFK as a "bucket of bolts," how much do you want to bet that the guy has never even stepped foot in the stadium? Sure, it's old and doesn't have the great food options and other amenities found at the newer stadiumes around the league, but RFK is still a better place to watch baseball than Dolphins Stadium.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Oh Mike--Its so true. So many crap all over RFK when they have never been anywhere close to it. But, RFK is unquestionably a GREAT PLACE to watch a game. Its a fun place, loud and the sightlines to view are some of the best in baseball. I would take RFK over, not only Dolphin Stadium, but definitely Shea Stadium, which I have always found to be one of the worst ballparks in sport.

The Nats are going ot be better than advertised.

Thanks for commenting

Anonymous said...

There is always hope when you play in the National League. Pitchers don't have to face the DH they get to pitch to pitchers. To top that the NL line-up are not as hitter rich as the AL line-ups. RFK is a pitcher friendly ballpark. So if Manny's plan to improve the defense should help the pitchers. I expect to see some competitive games at RFK.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the CBS piece was from a fantasy league perspective. I think one of my friends has a line that fits--(sarcastically)"Doesn't he lead a rich fantasy life?"--if the writer thinks the Nats can't provide a few surprises. And even if, by some measure, Our Washington Nationals have the worst record in baseball, I don't think any team can assume an automatic win when they play the Nats. Just ask the NY Yankees.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about RFK is the fact that there is no alternative to getting to the upper decks except walk up a long, long, LONG set of ramps. I may dislike the Toad immensely, but the elevators and escalators of Camden Yards I sorely miss.

I also expect that die-hard Mets fans will miss Shea Stadium as sincerely as Nats fans will miss RFK and Phillies fans miss the Vet. All will miss these stadia because of the memories they hold---but none are classic stadiums and need not have another All-Star Game before they are razed. (RFK hosted two All-Star Games I believe. The second they filled in for Cincinatti because Riverfront Stadium could not be finished in time for the 1969 Centennial celebration.)

What I regret is that barring a miracle, RFK will never have the honor of hosting a baseball postseason game. But I'm sure we will see such games at Lerner Field---even if it takes place before it hosts an All-Star Game.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you about the ramps (although, they can be a good workout occasionally!). Unfortunately, I seem to recall reading that the new stadium will not have escalators to the upperdecks as they have up at OPACY. It's my understanding that the escalators will only be to the club level seats. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

Anonymous said...

I hope that is not true. If it is, it is a bad move and is incredibly short-sided. Say what you will about Dan Snyder---to his credit one of the first things he did when he bought the team was add escalators to the upper decks that were not constructed when Jack Kent Cooke Stadium opened.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that the cbs sportsline article is more likely to be true than false. The ownership knows this - how else to interpret "we're not paying a few million dollars for (fill in a name) to gain a few wins if it won't help us win championships in the future." Pitching is the key to winning, and barring a miracle, ours will be poor. It's even difficult to maintain coherent bullpen roles when your starters are bad, so one of our strengths will likely be compromised. Playing .400 ball nets 98 losses - I think we'll win 55 - 65, hope I'm wrong. With the MASN mess, poor marketing and a bad team, I hope they don't dig too deep of a hole with their potential fan base. I'm a diehard, but it's hard even for me to muster the enthusiasm to drive 3 hours for a 5-0 deficit after two innings.